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self injecting

hi all i used ti get methylcoblamin from Dr Riar in wales.Sadly he passed away and i was wondering where all his patients are going now as im having a nightmare trying to get it, i signed up with a doc in London who knows Martyn Hooper but the pharmacy in Dallas has run out and not getting any more till Jan 16. Also does anyone on here get infusions as i used to get them with Dr Riar too

thanks in advance

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sorry to have mentioned doc by name

also just seen post about methyl from germany :)


I have been buying mine from Goldpharma (cyano) 10x2ml without issue, i did buy hydroxy from them but found cyano better. Was worried about ordering from abroad (they are based in germany) but had no issues at all. The only problem i found was that they couldnt accept card payments, you have to set up payment first (it appears as 'fund my wallet' on ordering and the minimum amount was approx £80, which is converted to euros. Best thing i ever did, to take charge of my own b12 issues!:-)


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