Ear Nose & Throat link?

Before I was diagnosed with PA my symptoms appeared gradually over months. One of the main, and first problem was an intolerance to dairy and soy, which still exists today.

Whilst researching that issue, I came across an article which suggested if you'd had tonsillitis and other ear, nose and throat issues as a child, you were more likely to have a dairy intolerance.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there had problems as a child?

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  • Never heard this before but yes, I constantly had tonsillitis, had to have my adenoids removed at 7 and always suffered with ENT problems through childhood and yes, I am a dairy intolerant adult. And I have PA. Didn't know it was all linked.

  • Hi Easter bunny, there's no science behind this apart from a theory I read, but I thought it would be interesting to see what others on here thought.

    I too had my adenoids out at 5 or 6, things improved then after having my son everything woke up again for several years until I got my tonsils out in my 30s. I now have rhinitis.b

  • Yes. I am lactose intolerance, have PA and had tonsils and adenosine out as a child. Still have sinus issues.

  • As child during the 50's/60's I had alot of throat, swollen glands and ear infection, hence my allergic to penicillin?

    Thankfully been OK with diary, not that I am aware of.

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