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GP / Clinic Recommendations

Hi All!

I've recently moved to the UK from Australia and am looking to register with a GP in the UK. I haven't been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia but for the last 3 years have had iron and B12 issues, resulting in all the gastroenterology tests finding no cause and iron infusions at the start of 2013 and then 2015 as my iron deficiency reoccurred.

I'm keen to find a GP in my area that understands and takes B12 and iron issues seriously. My specialist back in home (gastroenterologist) had said to get my levels tested in 3 months, which was due in November. Does anyone have any recommendations for local practices? I'm living in the Southfields area (near Wimbledon/Wandsworth/Putney) at the moment.


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You will be limited to your local area for a GP, and er, there are lots of Southsides in the UK! I would suggest asking on local facebook groups who really rates their GP. You could also ring the local surgeries and ask if they have any docs with a special interest in autoimmune disease or gastroenterology. Its unlikely.

In fact its unlikely that you will find a well educated GP, they are like hens' teeth.


Sorry, I meant to write Southfields, must have autocorrected!


Hi- theres a fantastic Facebook page you can join who not only support you but also have a list of drs that have specialist knowledge of b12 deficiency and p.a. ive learnt so much since i joined a few months ago. Ther are professionals who can explain your blood results and help you thru the n.i.c.e guidelines drs are supposed to follow. You can even see if other members are close to you. Just search b12 or p.a and dont worry -u dont have to have a diagnosis to join. Gud luck x


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