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Martyn Hooper's Blog


Martyn Hooper is the chair of the PAS (Pernicious Anaemia society).

On his blog he said recently that he is going to post something every day.

Sometimes he talks about the phone calls he has had from people wanting help which i find interesting as I can relate to teh experiences of quite a few of the people who phone him.

The last post was about him meeting podiatrists who are in a good position to help diagnose people with PA as PA can cause neuropathy in feet.

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Hi Sleepybunny

He is Some Man, for 1 Man.

That is a phrase that the wife of a County football Manager used in an interview, after he brought his team to victory for the 1st time .

Martyn Hooper is that man for all of us with B12d / PA.

Jose651 👍


Martyn is a one man crusade!

If only it was as easy for the institution to recognise and accept his words of wisdom as we do then all our lives would be so much better for it.


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