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Blog post about stopped B12 injections

Hi All,

New blog post on B12 Deficiency Info website about what to do if injections stopped.


Blog posts from Martyn Hooper's blog about stopped injections.




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Thanks for bringing these to our attention ;)


Thanks sleepy bunny - didn't read all of it but did LOL at the bit about handing out healthy eating for dietary B12.

Hope that the blog does help people with resolving this plague. Have book marked it for reference.


STILL wish that vegetarians were not included on these lists, because when reading research further, what is meant by "strict vegetarian" is really "vegan"- and we all know that GPs do not read further. Not even sure that some researchers know that there is a significant difference in diet between vegan and vegetarian- or ask the right questions initially.

This can result in massive amounts of potential recovery time getting wasted: being sent to dieticians or failing to recover on oral supplements etc.

If you eat eggs and cheese daily, you should be covered for B12: It's not all cockles and liver you'll be glad to hear !

I've managed to be a healthy vegetarian for over 35 years (until 2 years ago) , and so quite sure that a dietary deficiency of B12 would've killed me by now!


"If you eat eggs and cheese daily, you should be covered for B12"

I know more than one vegetarian who ate plenty of cheese, dairy and eggs and still developed B12 deficiency.

I guess they probably had other risk factors for B12 deficiency.


Hope your guess is right, Sleepybunny !


.......So all old vegetarians have got B12 deficiency ?


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