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Osteo Arthritis

Seeking Help & Information from those suffering from : Degenerative Osteo Arthritis.

I'm having difficulty walking (seriously) and getting dressed or undressed; getting in or out of the Bath, also in or out of my car. Sleeping, well that's not as it should be; finding a comfortable position to sleep is becoming really difficult.

I also have PA B12, Deficiency. had 6, loading injections + one - 3, monthly injection of Hydroxocabalamin (next Jab = 20th Oct) GP referred me to a Rheumatologist; more tests and x-reay's (results) revealed that there is OsteoArthritis Degenerative wear in both hips and both knees , also left Ankle.

GP prescribed AmtiTriptyline 10mg , to be taken at night as a pain management; and help with sleeping. But, there are some side effects, i.e. : Headache and Dry Throat.. GP told me to give them a weeks trial. I'll continue with them for a few more day's, although I doubt they'll have any affect on the pain and poor mobility I'm experiencing?

I read recently about the properties of Turmeric as an anti inflammatory aid? Well, I've sent for some capsules of 10.000mg turmeric from Natures Best UK.

Anyone else in the same position with Osteo Arthritis? What do you take to relieve the pain and discomfort?

Appreciate any help information or advise on this subject.


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Sorry to hear that you are in such pain. The osteoarthritis could in part be one of the long term effects of B12 deficiency, but doctor will probably tell you not to be so stupid and stop googling things if you mention that :)

I had huge problems with pain in my left foot after breaking my ankle a few years ago - which was when a blood test showed I had low B12 - it got worse in the year after whilst I figured out what B12D was but got a lot better when I cut loose from GP and started treating myself with the levels of B12 that I needed ... I occasionally get niggles in the ankles and take that as a sign that I need to take some B12 and that seems to resolve the problem. There is probably quite a lot that is out of place in the ankle - movement is quite restricted in some planes but has been for a number of years - I had week ankles and chondroitin certainly helped with that - but possible that there was some degree of bone deformation and as I reckon I probably had B12 influencing my health for 4 years that may have been a factor - I'm taking a mixture of hydroxo, methyl and adenosyl and the adenosyl really seems to have helped with range of movement in the foot - but not sure if that is nerve or muscular or skeletal ... or even a mix of all 3. Certainly not being diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

I tend to use a nasal spray for my B12 - and my situation may be totally different but for joint pain I definitely take B12.


Going down a completely different route from gambit( who is most knowledgable) i have had osteo in hips, knees and more recently in ankle after an injury and up until a few months ago i religiously used evening primrose, omega and cod liver tablets which seemed to do the trick. I stopped taking them after a hysterectomy ( dont know why i did but at least it uncovered my PA!) they take a little while to kick in so perseverance is needed. if only any drug, complimentary or otherwise was a miracle instant wonder drug!


I have found exercise helps. taken at ones own pace. Slow swimming helps but changing is a pain and it hurts a lot at first. I attend a class to help with strength and balance but I have had a stroke too. Advice is needed on how to start and what to do, and my doctor said only do what is comfortable. I also need boots and strong shoes to get more mobile which stops some of the tripping due to weak ankles and flat feet. Good luck x


My joints have degenerated rapidly over the last five plus years and was diagnosed with b12 d in April this year. My Dr doesn't believe they're connected neither does he believe me that high doses of b12 helps with the pain. I have just started self injecting as the maintenance shot in August just didn't cut it like the six loading shots did in the spring.

Turmeric needs oil to be better absorbed, I mix turmeric with olive oil in a saucepan into a thick paste, then add water until its a runny mixture, then heat and reduce the mixture back to a thick paste. I keep this in the fridge and break off a few bits every day, roll them into balls and swallow like tablets. I make a small fresh batch every week but guess it would keep longer. I also take omega 3 and juice lemons, high vit c for connective tissue.

This is an interesting article that Drs like to ignore too!


Hi Solarised,

I also believe that Vit-B12 Hydroxocabalamin in frequent doses could work for pain relief. I do however take B12 Sulingual tablets of Methylcobalamin 5000mcg. Doctors do not know enough about PA & B12 Deficiency, not up on the new methods of treating PA. BNF & BCSH recommend injection every other day until no further progress can be made, then a B12 injection every 2, months there after.


Hi Nytsom,

You are so spot on with "Doctors do not know enough." I've been going to the Drs with symptoms for a over ten years now and little did I know the real battle would start after diagnosis!


Pain from the muscle and pain from the joint are hard to distinguish for me.

When you start on B12 the pain actually appears to get worse before getting better. It is the one thing you can notice that B12 is working and repairing the damage to your nerves. The signal strength is stronger and the brain initially interprets this as pain. It may just be an illusion until the brain recalibrates to the stronger signals.

Keep a logbook of your symptoms and meds. Also record your food and drink as you may also be having new allergic reactions. There is a delay between eating and seeing the symptom due to the gut being involved.

See if new symptoms appear following each injection. Things may seem worse before getting better. These symptoms, although very similar to others, are "good" indicators.

You will Be able to build up an understanding of your body and confidence that the meds are in fact working.


Seems I'm not alone on this suffering trail.. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply; and for your helpful advise, it's appreciated.


3 years ago I was diagnosed with AI Gastritis causing PA.. I have had loading doses and now have b12 injections monthly to maintain my levels.. 3 years on I've just had an arthroscopy for knee pain and have been told that I have the joints of a 60 year old. (Substantial arthritis in the knee joint) I'm only in my early 40s and prior to PA diagnosis never had any issues.. I feel like I'm falling apart some days.. I definitely feel like there is a link between the 2


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