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Gp was reluctant to give B12 injection

HI Everyone im a newbie for nearly 2years i have been palmed off with antidepressants which i never took as i just didnt feel it was a new GP who started but isnt permantly at the practice actually listened it showed my b12 was 112 also thyroid results show something isnt right so i have 3 different specialists to see now but the trouble i had with another 2 drs at the practice to have b12 injections one said 1 a month one said 1 every 3 mths i have numb toes no energy very weak blurred double vision aching limbs shooting pains in the head i had to wait a week till to see the GP who sent me for tests and he said must start injections 3 times a week for 2 weeks then 3 monthly im on my 4th one now and today i feel weak n exausted very achey limbs in the next 2 mths i have to go Ophthalmologist,Neurologist, Endocrinolgist.. so im hoping for a diagnosis to end this awful time i have been putting up with i just Thank the new GP for actually listening! Shame he isnt permanant....

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You are lucky that you have been sent to see various consultants

It's nearly impossible to get started with treatment

2010 blood test showed 214

December last year 164

I've had to go my own way as my GP isn't interested, count isn't low enough

I am using the Better You B12 boost spray from Holland and Barrett

Doesn't work for everyone but I can say it has definitely worked for me

The Rosacea is completely under control

Still tired and lacking concentration but balance a lot better

Last blood test showed a count of 629

No side affects but have no idea how much I need because I haven't been sent to see a haematologist

Have cut down so will have to see how it goes


I just cant believe some GPs are so reluctant to prescribe the injections even when someone is so low and clearly need the injections i have learnt so much from reading all the posts and the PAS organisation site at least i have some idea now as to why i have been feeling so bad and not palmed off with antidepressants if it had not have been for this temporary Dr i wouldnt have been sent for all these tests


If you have neurological symptoms - and I'm assuming you are in the UK - then the BCSH recommendation is 3x week until symptoms stop improving followed by maintenance every 2 months - still may not be enough but it might be something that you can argue.

treatment is on p8


Thank you Gambit at least i know a lot more now


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