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In the Grey Area? (Active B12 Results)

hello there, so after battling crazy symptoms for quite a few years i decided to get tested for active b12 as my symptoms match so so many of them from the checklist at So my results are below and i dont know what to do :( apprently many pages/posts/forums and websites say that 25-70 is the "Grey" area. I havent tried supplementing with Methyl B12 as i have Amalgam fillings and alot of people were saying it can more mercury into the brain, can i please please have some advice on what i should do?

Active B12 58 pmol/L 25.1 - 165.0

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That's really low. Don't delay. As I just related in another post, I had 450 pmol/L but symptoms. Rest of my family has it (very tardily diagnoses). I have responded in month and half with improved balance, memory, liveliness while self-treating with methylcobalamin (methylB12) 5000 mcg (5mg) sub lingual lozenges bought over the internet. They are absorbed via the mouth membranes quite efficiently.


wow thats great! :) i defo think i need to try B12


The mercury in the amalgam removes B12 from the body. Actually B12 cleans up and disposes of toxic metals in the body.

Supplementing with B12 will help the brain. Also supplement with folic acid.

I'm more familiar with the ng/L scale where the grey zone is 200 - 400. Some labs here in the USA add a caveat whenever results are less than 400 that indicates 10% of the population exhibit neurological symptoms.


leahcim's measurement was for active B12, not serum B12. There is a difference, serum B12 is the total of active and inactive B12. The grey zone you mention is for serum B12.

Since leahcim found some websites with a grey area for active B12 as 25 - 70, have to use that range. 58 is in that grey zone so further investigation is needed. The MMA and homocysteine tests are usually done next to check for B12 deficiency. Elevated MMA can confirm a B12 deficiency. Elevated homocysteine is a cardiac and stroke risk, and has several causes including B12 deficiency.

Caution - Do not supplement B12 until these tests have been done, as they will drop back to normal range fairly quickly after getting B12. If you indeed prove to be B12 deficient, it's important that your medical records show it so you will get proper medical treatment in the future.


Im worried still though as apparently b12 can go through the blood brain barrier and if its holding mercury its then in your brain :(


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