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DWP support group

Hello all,

I was placed in the support group for 2 years which comes up in a few months time. I am almost 62 and my health is now much worse as I gave developed Ménière's disease lost hearing in one ear and get regular awful vertigo dizzy attacks. My original diagnosis was PTS from a awful traumatic event and that has not changed. My question is will they send me for a new medical at the end of 2 years or what will happen.

I am also on the waiting list for a sheltered housing which means I may need to move to a different borough if that happens will I get the same benefits ie the support group or will I lose it.

Any advice really welcome and thank you

Warm wishes


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Hi there sukiwarrior, the best people to help you out here are either the Citizens Advice Bureaux, who have specially trained advisors to deal with PIP, ESA, etc or try emailing to see how to join them. It costs about £20 per year but they are so good the government itself is suspected of trying to sabotage their excellent website. They certainly helped me!


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