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inactive b12 sitting in liver

Hi Guys! I had puzzled for some time over the question of readings in the serum level, because I couldn't quite understand how it was used by the body. However, I have been directed to an article written in collaboration by the WHO and FAO, which explained that if a patient has PA or is B12 deficient (NOT due to diet) then the body cannot make proper use of the stores in the liver anyway! A Eureka moment, a light bulb went on in my foggy brain! Of course it can't, I can't absorb it.

It seems to me it doesn't matter if you have high readings or low ones, b12 in bile is useless and is simply excreted out.

the following is the link, chapter 5 , read the second paragraph following the heading 'Populations at risk for..........'

Not happy with the last sentence however, even more determined to get myself sorted

I hope that if you copy and paste the link, it should work

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Very interesting article - thanks for posting


My understanding is that bile contains B12 (from the liver), in a normal person bile and the B12 is recycled back into the liver, but if that process of recycling is broken by or lack of IF , or R binders not functioning, PH wrong, or faulty terminal ileum etc then that recycling of B12 does not happen and the stores in the liver slowly deplete. This can explain why some one who gets lots of B12 injected does not hang on to the B12, its not recycled and stores (and serum B12) stay low.


The article makes no bones about what happens to those stores. They slowly deplete, and that along with NOT getting enough of that pretty pink injection leads to terrible terrible problems.


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