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After several attempts at getting my GP to listen to me re my PA and RA ongoing symptoms, I decided to go private and see one of the Drs on the PAS websites good Drs list (Dr Bobby Ahmed). I was very impressed with him, he sat and listened to everything and offered suggestions. Although it is costly, I am finally getting all the bloods done and being referred to an endocrinologist to investigate further as he thinks there is something missing in my diagnosis. Should get blood results Friday and to see consultant next week. Wish I gone months ago!! Would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has offered advise in the past. I will keep you updated.


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Glad to hear that you have found a solution


Good to hear Sarah. Shame it had to be private!


Hi all, frustratingly all of my test results have come back normal although I haven't had them yet so can't post them for anyone to review, I will put them on the PAS Facebook page also as many people on there also appear to have normal bloods but when looked at together are not. Also got my endocrinologist appointment in 2 weeks so will update further then.



Always be wary when docs say normal. That is an opinion rather than a result. Where in the range is important. Docs are inclined to say that things are normal when the results are dragging along the bottom of the range.

When we have auto-immune conditions it is important to be optimal in everything. I would be interested in seeing your results and ranges - sorry I do not do FB. Do they suspect thyroid - is that why you have and Endo appointment ?

Glad you are making progress :-)


I had FBC and liver function tests done at GPs yesterday and results are:

WBC 5.1x109/l range 4.0-11.0

RBC 3.58 range 3.8-5.8

HB 109 range 115-165

PCV 0.331 range 0.370-0.470

MCV 92.5 range 76-97

MCH 30.4 range 27-33

MCHC 329 range 300-360

RDW 13.1 range 9.0-15-0

Platelets 225 range 150-450

MP 10.8 range 7.5-11

Neutrophils 3.3 range 2-7.5

Lymphocytes 1.4 range 1.5-4.0

Monocytes 0.3 range 0.2-1.0

eosinophilS 0

Basophils 0

NRBC's 0

ESR 6 range 3-9




You are mildly anaemic. Are you on B12 and did you have folate and iron studies checked?


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