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a haematologist who knows about PA?

Hi guys, my GP is as helpful as he thinks he is allowed to be in that he lets me have a jag every 8 weeks. He sent me to a haema who was downright awful, cant say more, because i have now made an official complaint. Anyway, I have secured funding from the Benenden Friendly Society to get a second opinion and my GP has said he is happy to make a referral to a suitable one, because he feels trapped and has said he needs someone, a consultant, to TELL him to start treating me as I feel I need it. I think he's afraid of litigation if it all backfires later. However, having had one disastrous meeting with an nhs haema we don't want it to be a wasted exercise again, so, does ANYONE out there know of a haematologist, in Scotland, who actually knows a thing or two about PA? He/she needs to have an NHS post as well as a private one. We can't be referred to an English one because referrals between England and scotland aren't as easy or quick as it should be for a supposedly UNITED KINGDOM! God, i hate yellow!

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I am no expert - I am struggling to get treatment at the mo but this is a list of doctors from a good doctors list on an FB forum for Scotland?!? Maybe you could look them up online



1. Dr. Taylor, Cove Bay Medical Centre, Cove Bay, Aberdeen, Scotland

2. Dr. Maria Farrugia or Prof. Hugh Willison (Neurologist), Institute of Neurology, Southern General Hospital, 1345 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 4TF, Scotland,UK. (NHS)

3. Dr. Meldrum, Mulberry House, Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7DX. Tel: 0131 225 2012 / 0131 220 6885 Email:

4. Dr. Malcolm McLeod, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Falkirk. 5. Dr. Myles Connor (Neurologist), Borders General Hospital, Melrose and Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.


Thanks for the list Carlygeorge. I have problems with FB so avoid it like the plague and so am unfamiliar with the forum you mention. I don't think our GP would be happy with us just seeing another GP and i feel that surely its a haematologist I need as my next stop. A neurologist may well be able to order the MMA tests, active B12 test etc etc but

I need to be sure he/she can then interpret them properly. Would they really be able to do that?


It's Pat Kornics FB forum it has a list of doctors they were the only ones for Scotland


Do you have any neuro symptoms ? If yes, then all he needs to do is open his BNF and read what it says there for treatment with neuro symptoms ....

" Injections every other day until no further improvement "..........

He wouldn't be in any trouble to follow the BNF !!


Looking back now, I have had neuro symptoms since diagnosis, in 2011, but he still thinks he is only allowed to do a jag every 8 weeks, max. Its not just him, its happening all over the country, a national shameful problem. They are frightened to go where they perceive is, outside the boundaries, without written instructions from a consultant ordering them to do so.


not sure any more that he can read!


have bitten the bullet and joined a couple of groups on FB. Saying pretty much the same stuff as we do here, so nothing new, and can't find the list of the names of helpful specialists anyway!!

Spent all day at this, time to get a cuppa!


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