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folinic acid

I decided after trying folic acid and methylfolate to now try folinic acid, my anxiety and depression has been with me for almost 20 years, I am currently on alternative day hydroxo injection and sometimes does methyl too, my folate level did raise but didn't feel much better, I have taken a 800mcg of folinic acid today and within an hour I have been getting what I can only describe as little shocks running through my body, its almost like electrical shocks, it is making me feel a little itchy but not overally.

I've heard you get this when your nerves are mending so my question is could this be the folinic? I know folinic is the more easiest to get to the brain barrier but would it work this quick on such a small amount or could it be something else?

thanks in advance for any input! :)

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Gosh, I really would not know if what you describe is a good sign or not..Sorry, only you will be able to tell I expect, in time.


see p54 of the pdf

The study is from 2006 so a little dated but as far as I am aware it is the latest one available in the EU

There are some concerns about potential neurotoxicity of high doses of folic acid - think this may also apply to folinic acid as it is a reduced form of folic acid.

In studies it caused seizures in lab animals.


Above is a more recent review - if I read correctly folinic acid doesn't act in the same ways as folic acid in masking symptoms of B12 deficiency but other than that it seems to be saying that original stands - but recommends research in a few areas


Metafolin is better than folic acid.Also doesn't mask B12 deficiency. Best of all just eat plenty of green leafy vegs and peas.


Reminds me of one of the side effects of many anti-anxiety medications--the electrical zaps. They're said to eventually go away as you get used to the medications or going off of them. Maybe related to what you're experiencing.


Hi Nichola79,

Electric shocks 'can' (though not saying yours is,) be down to untreated or undertreated Thyroid/Hypothyroidism, I had what I could only describe as electric shocks all over.

Mine dropped away almost overnight once 'optimally' medicated with Levothyroxine.


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