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Folate Deficiency

I've been found to be Folate deficient on 2 or 3 occasions & done nothing about it. GP prescribed me Folate, i have a drawer full of tablets, why have a never taken them???? I can't explain. Maybe it's the condition? I was always focussed on B12, which was always in the 300 nmol range, but my big fat sore tongue was my main focus..

Soooo how do I sort my Folate? GP gave me 5mg tabs One per day. Will that do it? How long should it take to normalise my level? Am I likely to need that forever?

I do suffer pretty bad Tinnitus BTW, which I see is a symptom of Folate deficiency.


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Normally folate tabs 5 mg are given daily for 3 months when deficient, then tested if all OK. I was def, after 3 months daily my serum folate was over the ref range of normal so I was told all fine. Was advised to take a multi vitamin, instead I took 5 mg folic acid first once every week then to once every 2 weeks, then half a tablet every 2 weeks with my B12 jab. That keeps my serum folate neatly in the ref range of normal and keeps me well, although I have gone back onto 5 mg every 2 weeks as I now take stuff that inhibits folate absorption. It helps if you have some monitoring, am sure its different per person what they need to stay well. I just do not like to take a tablet daily.

Kind regards,



Thanks very much Marre. I see my tablets expired Jan 2013 (prescribed 2011), shows how dumb I've been..

I'll take them, but ask for more on Monday. I'll take them for 4 months & see if my Tinnitus goes.


You need to sort out the folate deficiency as you need folate to absorb B12 and a lot of the key processes that B12 helps maintain also need B9.

Hope it helps you feel a bit better at least soon.


Thanks Gambit

I'll be sure to take it from today & will monitor symptoms.

I feel stupid that I ignored it. I took some, but probably only for a few weeks Max.


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