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I am ecstatic! I have just had GP agreeing to me having more frequent injections!! I have been really struggling for about 3 weeks and my next jab not due for another 3. Going to have a trial on 9 weekly rather than 11 weekly.

I have been reading and following up posts and links on this forum which gave me the information and grit to give it a try. I have also been referred for an urgent appointment with a gastro-enterologist as my gastric problems have got worse recently despite a gluten free diet.

Thanks everyone.

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Hi jalbey ,

Well done!! Hope you will feel a great improvement! Make sure other issues such as folate (serum folate) and iron (serum ferritin) are not getting depleted by having some regular monitoring of bloods if you can,

Kind regards,



Well done jalbey -it's so good to hear of a good outcome.


It's great to hear that your GP listened. I'm sure it'll give hope to other sufferers.


I have been feeling soooooo low! Having the first brought forward today so hoping I will start to pick up soon. Thanks for celebrating with me. I do get annual blood tests so hope problems with iron and folate should get picked up.


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