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A diary of a B12 deficient sufferer - blog

Hi just to let you know I have started a blog.

I have set up this blog mainly for myself to look back on and see if there is any progress in my health but hopefully also to make other aware of the fatal B12 defiancy and Pernious Anemina illness.

I will be self injecting soon so will be interesting to see if there's any improvement.

If you want to follow me, feel free....


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Hi Blueberry15, what a great idea. I wish you the best of luck with your blog and I hope you get well soon.



Thank you, the response I've had has been amazing. Gives me so much encouragement and support x


To follow the blog, you need to click on on of the posts and it gives you the option to follow/subscribe :-)


Just been reading your blog and have followed it via Bloglovin'. I hope things improve for you soon.


Terrier girl I never heard of bloglovin' just had a look now how do I find me on there? Lol.

Siang - that's very intresting what you said there about the sighing. It is extremely difficult to explain to others about this illnes, the severity of it and how your feeling especially when people are not going through it themselves. I am glad you are feeling better now than before.



Bloglovin' is great for keeping track of your favourite blogs so you can read updates all in one place.

Here's the link to your blog on there, hope it works as I'm logged into my account!:


Hello, Just started reading your blog and I was diagnosed in 2012. I changed jobs because of it as I was a Manager and I thought I was just getting forgetful and not good at my job, but after changing for a less stressful post I was diagnosed with PA and had the shots immediately and then every 12 weeks for the rest of my life.

I suffered quite a lot of symptoms and like yourself was 'sighing' in work and wasn't noticing I was doing it until my colleagues commented on it! I never realised how dangerous this illness was as it wasn't really explained to me properly when I went to the Drs but after joining this site, I have learned so much, albeit I don't possess the knowledge that so many have on here.

I feel so much better now and my hair has thickened, although I ache quite a lot and feel like an old woman some days, I did not have to fight for my injections so I have been very lucky.

I still have a lot to learn about the illness and I will enjoy following your blog. My family and friends don't really understand this illness and it seems mad that some Drs embrace it and other do not.

I wish you well, unlike you my children are all grown up so I don't have to chase anyone around and I hope you will really start to feel better soon.

Best Wishes

Sian G


I've had a read of your blog this morning. Its been really interesting and a good reminder that other people get the same symptoms. I got told off by my manager for sighing. She thinks I have an attitude problem. I never knew I was doing it!


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