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Memory issues

Could someone advise me whether memory issues resolve themselves or if they're permanent? I've had 3 of my initial 6 starter jabs and would like to know if this will get better

Currently my long term memory is fine, yet I'm struggling to remember the plot of programmes on tv I watched yesterday. My memory was always so good before that it's a little scary


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All part of the process. My husband wanted me to get tested for Dementia as I was so bad. It took a few weeks after jabs for the memory to kick back in and as I work as a bookkeeper - work was very stressful for me.

It is the first sign to me that I am in need of another jab. But I use the sub-lingual spray if I can't get to nurse office. Also, the more physically active I am the quicker the jabs wear off. There are lots of helpful posts out there and facebook groups you can join and benefit from. Good Luck


my memory was poor too but now it is much better. I have two monthly jabs and take methylcobalamin sublingual (under the tongue) 1000mcg daily to supplement these. I have been on this for about 3 yrs now. Don't buy the cheaper version on cynacob as these can cause bad headaches. Hope that helps


In the vaste majority of cases it will get better - though in some severe cases where the deficiency wasn't caught early enough the damage can be permanent, but it doesn't sound as if you are in that category.

Hope you feel better soon.



My short term memory is also bad. It has improved a bit but i also can tell when I need a jab. I start muddling words and forgetting stuff. Also I try to exercise and I do a lot of physical work which I agree with Mags uses up the B12. I also use the methyl sublinguals and sprays. It took 10 years to get my diagnosis and my level was very low on diagnosis. 1 worry about the long term consequences but I suppose this is a waste of energy too as what can any of us do! Just keep supplementing and hope you body heals.

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Memory issues are another factor of low B12. They can sometimes improve if you tactical it with high daily doses of b12 but It depends how quickly the issue is identified and addresses.

All neuropathic systems can be improved by introducing more b12 into your system but sublingual b12 may not suitable if you have problems with your intrinsic factor.


for me also it is a very frustrating problem-my dad developed early onset Alzheimer's so when I started not being able to name things and forgetting things from yesterday I freaked out but after my injections and when not too stressed or active it becomes almost normal so Ive decided not to worry so much. My Dr yawn yawn has just told me shes cutting down my jabs to 3 monthly same old story. Im waiting for my appointment with CFS specialist who happens to be a neurologist and big in this field to see what he says about the memory symptoms and everything else and hoping he will write to my GP and put them right as I don't have the energy for arguing atm. I have decided though that if I don't get what I need to make me well I'm going to organise self injections. I would rather have my Drs support so all on record but am so tired, literally, like all of you of being unwell when I don't need to be!!!

Just to say at my lowest healthwise due to bad memory I gave up studying a course I was doing and couldn't concentrate for long to be on PC on healthboard asking advice but after monthly injections and sublinguals it most definitely improved to a level I was able to read and study- BUT it doesn't stay that way so its definitely b12 in my case as far as i'm concerned. I hope you see some improvement over the coming weeks.


It doesn't sound as though your memory problems are too bad at the moment, though I doubt it feels that way to you! :) I say that only because I know how much further they can progress and, as you say, your long term memory is still fine. I think that's very encouraging for your future.

I would agree with other comments here that if you've caught the problem early enough, you should gradually notice improvement, particularly if you can add in extra supplements to top up your 'official' treatment. I wish my various cognitive impairments would improve, but I went 15 years without a diagnosis after the onset of symptoms, and then another 20 on sub-par treatment before I started injecting myself daily with methyl-B12 a few months ago. I have other problems too, including hypothyroidism, so they add to the difficulties.


Hi Jules, I've just read a LONG paper on the subject of dementia and you will be happy to know that they listed cognitive and memory problems from B12 deficiency induced dementia to be "reversible", so I think your chances are good. Unfortunately MY memory is so crap I can't remember where I just read it, ten minutes ago! But I'm on drugs, as well as everything else, so hey - I have an excuse!

I think you'll be fine, and so does a room full of posh research scientists - what more could you want? It's just going to take time. And remember, you can always use it as an excuse when you do something really stupid. I know I do!


Hi I've just seen a neurologist he was as useful/interested as OUR GP's. He thought I was there about migraines not PA. I explained some of the symptoms he touched my numb face (since Dec 2014) and tested my reflexes. He gave me no information other than I have ME/CFS said some of my symptoms are due to having had carpal tunnel and PA wouldn't advise which from my long list (like all PA sufferers). Frustrated so paying privately to see a neurologist as they have more time/inclination to answer questions when you pay. Cynical or what. I have lots of memory problems and everyone saying don't be silly I forget things. I have missed so may appointments I have to ask receptionists to text me as even if I look in the diary that morning I forget quickly. Feel stupid taking to friends as I ask same questions repeatedly. My GP says as I get 8 weekly B12 injections I don't have PA and nothing medically wrong with me. I felt the need to rant.

Thinking of you and all PA sufferers - I hope your memory improves quickly with B12 injections.


Thanks all for the comments, grateful to know this should improve, I just want to have a normal life again as spent most of the last year in bed. My doctor thinks this could have caused my TN and its probably been going on for a long time, but due to my medication and multiple procedures for that it's been missed. Side effects of the meds I've been on are similar to the symptoms of PA. I've also had iron deficiency anaemia on and off since childhood but those levels seem ok at the moment

I tested postive for intrinsic and parietal antibodies, b12 level read <87, enlarged RBCs. Also thyroid stimulating hormones were high but they're going to redo these tests in 8 weeks as said the B12 problem could be causing this

Have my 4th jab tomorrow so fingers crossed!!


Oh crikey, I didn't realise you have TN. If you haven't done so already, have a look at Chancery's various posts on the links between B12 deficiency and TN. I believe she is currently in remission from TN after finally persuading her GP to give her B12 shots.


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