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Advice please?

Hi I'm new here but would like a sanity check or advice if possible. I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency 5 years ago (the same week I was diagnosed with breast Cancer) I was 39. I have received 12 weekly B12 injections every since and often become symptomatic a week or so before I'm due one however I have really really struggled the last few weeks with extreme tiredness, dizzy spells, headaches, nausea etc etc. I put it down to workload and the amount of miles I'm driving each week however I am now convinced it's my pernicious anaemia. I saw my GP this morning who is not convinced it's commented to B12 as my next dose is not due til end April and is thinking more along the lines of diabetes or thyroid. Does anyone have any advice? She has done bloods so I will hopefully find out next week but I must admit I've never researched by B12 as I've just accepted what I've been told.

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Perhaps best to first see what your results are, re blood tests. It is common to also become folate def over time once B12 injections have started. Also thyroid conditions are common with PA so the blood tests will help rule things out, you would feel bad if either you have now developed iron and or folate def and or thyroid condition,

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You probably need more frequent B12.

Marre had her frequency of injections increased to 2 monthly and it still wasn't enough so she now self injects.

I self inject.

There is no reason for you to be able to last out the 3 months when we can't.


But were you diagnosed with pernicious anaemia? If not you might be helped with sub-lingual B12(Methylcobamalin) lozemges, patches or nasal spray. But self-injection is actually cheaper, and then YOU can decide when you need exra B12. I could not get the injections I needed,so I self-inject. You soon get used to it, even if it fills you with horror to even think of it. I had to have a G&T the first time that I self-injected! Now I don't turn a hair(a year later) You will get all the help you need on this site, whatever you decide to do. Very best wishes to you.

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I couldn't figure out which medication was a G&T...I don't drink!

I actually phoned someone when I gave myself my first injection and said, "If I die when I do this, would you tell them what I died of, please"

She went crazy!

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Unfortunately autoimmune problems often seem to occur together - so good to get checked for both thyroid and diabetes as they could be factors as well - there's also a big overlap in symptoms.

I use nasal spray but also inject at times - find the spray convenient as well as effective - and actually at the doses I use I'm not sure injecting would be any cheaper - not to mention the fact that I'd be full of holes! And I can't just wip out a needle and phial on a train if I need a top-up but I can use the nasal spray.

Its a question of finding out what really works for you.


Thank you for all your replies. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and have just accepted what I was told....1 B12 Injection every 12 weeks but that's all I was told. I'm not convinced its thyroid or diabetes so hoping bloods will help. Thanks again x


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