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URGENT Help Please!!!!!! IV Infusion Cancer Treatment / Jeffrey in Blackpool???


About 4 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Riar at the home of one of his patients. It was a chap called Jeffrey in Blackbool. Jeffrey had "terminal" Cancer & had been given up by the NHS. When I met him, he was going strong & looking great, which he attributed to the regular IV Infusions.

A friend has just been diagnosed with widespread Cancer & given months to live. I'm desperately trying to find Jeffrey (hope he's still fighting) & wondered if anyone here knows him?

Also, does anyone know where we can find IV Infusions?

Thanks very much!

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Don't know if this is of any use


Thanks very much Gambit

I spoke to Martin yesterday & have now tracked Jeff down.



I know jeffrey I have spoken to him he will call you later today


Thanks very much jaybo!

This lady went from "sore back & a cough" to the news of months to live in the space of a week! She's resigned to it. She (not to mention her 3 kids) desperately need some hope & a fighting chance. Jeff is living proof it can be done...


Their is no such thing as a guaranteed cure I think in some cases it prolongs life and gives a better quality of life ( German medical and South Korean medical journals for breast cancer re quality of life )


Of course! We're all on borrowed time.

It's worth a try though!!!


Yep that's true


It's very easy to say we're all on borrowed time - until someone sets the date.

I think, not only relating to B12 and the complete and utter ignorance I and others have faced in light of it - in fact I'm being nice - what I meant I meant was stupidity, the realisation that medicine in the UK is little less than retarded has been brought home.

Had a friend a few years ago who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctors in the UK told her she had no hope but still wanted her to go through with the standard archaic treatment, which she did.

At the time I spoke to a doctor in the US, a specialist, to see if he could suggest anything. His response:

Modern medicine can do nothing for this illness. She has no chance. Tell her to go for it.

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