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Chiropractics/Ostepathy for ME/CFS - worse than before!

Hi all,

I was suckered into another hindsight scenario where I was told that my symptoms could be caused by my C1/C2 vertebrae being misaligned. After further research and thinking it wouldn't do any harm (plus a large amount of desperation) I went to see the Osteo/Chiro that made these claims and he recommended a long period of treatment (twice per week for 6 months to a year at £40 a pop!).

14 sessions in realised I felt no better and was in a lot more pain. I had a few minor twinges in my back before but now my neck and back were getting significantly worse. My neck felt fine before! Needless to say it was "all part of the healing process" and the "exercises I was given would explain the extra pain". He used a percussion instrument (as they call it) and the occasional push, pop and twist of my back and my neck.

I ceased my treatment and over the last 3 months my neck has been in agony. A constant deep ache and a locked feeling with sudden sharp pains. I was hoping it would just take time to settle but it hasn't gotten any better. Even trying to wear a backpack for awhile leaves me in a lot of discomfort and pain. I have emailed him to ask what could be wrong but he isn't replying.

So now I am left with pain that wasn't there before, a lot less money and a horrible feeling of stupidity and regret that I went to him.

I am considering seeing another chiro/osteo now purely to sort out the pains that were created by the last guy but obviously I'm terrified to go back to someone now.

I have also read about the risk of stroke after manipulating the neck!!!

As a few questions for my own comfort, do you think that my neck/back pain can be mended and do you think that I could possibly be more at risk of a stroke now (or would that have been immediately evident?)

Should I go back to see someone else to sort my pain?

Does anyone else use a chiro or osteo?

I really didn't need the added stress, worry and regret this has caused. Very upset with myself :(

Any advice and thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Just wondering if you have noticed any effects from the B12 shots you have been having?

I saw a chiropractor on a number of occasions when I was very young and had some problems with back but haven't used one since ... and I certainly wouldn't have known about any connection to B12 and my symptoms at the time (I was about 13 and it was about 40 years before B12 deficiency was identified as a problem.

However, I was having a lot of back problems in the couple of years before I was 'accidentally' told I had a B12 deficiency - for me it was particularly lower back - and seemed to be muscular rather than skeletal. I found that jogging helped a lot but that was somewhat scuppered by a broken ankle (the point at which I was told I was B12 deficient as a result of blood-tests in hospital). Everything was particularly bad whilst recovering from the ankle - which may have been the result of having had nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic - the physio did give me some exercises which helped a bit but ...

it wasn't actually until I gave up on getting GP to listen about what was going on with B12 and decided to treat myself that things actually started to improve - I still do some exercises that probably help to strengthen the muscles and I'm back to enjoying my jogging as well - but think some of it is down to now having enough B12 to keep the muscles stronger and more responsive.

I have had problems with neck pain in the past and for me using a bit of Alexander Technique (which is about re-aligning the skeleton and muscles) really helped with that and I'll go back to it if things get bad for a while.

My boyfriend has used a chiropractor for years and finds it very useful in re-aligning joints - he has particular problems with hip down to years of marathon running - but also has problems with knees and tendons these days as well. His experience is obviously very positive though he does say that a session always knocks him out so he won't do anything else for the rest of the day and sometimes he is left with aches and pains that take a while to clear.

Not saying that this is the case but sometimes things are deteriorating and if that is the case therapy may not be as effective as it would otherwise be - like trying to fill a bath with the plug out - so the problems may not actually have been because of the work the chiro-practor did but can totally understand your discomfort and wish to go elswhere at the very least.


Hi Qunk,

So sorry to read of your miss-fortune with a Osteo/Chiro, and ending up with more pain than you had, very sad. Think your best bet is to go to GP and explain, hopefully you may then be referred to a proper Osteo on NHS, have some investigations and possibly explanation as to what is causing what and why, is all I can think off. I'd not spend money privately after what you have experienced unless that person comes highly recommended by people you know and trust.

I hope this helps a bit and that perhaps the B12 injections may help you also,

Kind regards,



I used a chiropractor many years ago (successfully) for neck/upper back injury. He made me have a neck x-ray before he started. I did feel very bruised for the first few sessions, but not for long and nothing like you describe. As with GPs, I think some are great and some - not. My mother was helped by an osteopath (on the NHS!) after a bad fall, so might be worth exploring.


Bowen Therapy is very gentle - could that be a possibility ? Do you have any results for your VitD levels ?


I was just going to say Vit D too! :)

I always had a dodgy neck & when I had numb arms/fingers & muscle spasms too I was first sent for carpal tunnel/nerve conduction tests - to cut a long story short (various NCTs,MRIs,XRays ) - it was just low Vit D (& B12 I suspect). All joint pain/crunching gone (so far anyway!). Before that I went a few times to my osteopath to loosen me up - no pain involved at all. (Chiros pop joints I think) -

oh, and can you get referred on the NHS now? Jane :D

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ooh - Hello Marz - are you an Marre sisters? lol! :D

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Marz and me look very alike..could be twins..


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