Is anything 'better' than before?

I know this sounds like a really bizarre question but I'm going to ask anyway:

Has anybody noticed if some skills are actually better than before they were ill? After treatment, obviously.

My example is this - I was always fit, I had that kind of lifestyle, but I was never sporty. In fact I was a joke. Kicking a ball, catching a ball, hitting a tennis ball, were all way beyond me. If you played tennis with me all you got was me walking about sulking as I went to pick the ball up! Bowling - you didn't want me on your team!

Yet I discovered that (when I was still getting the highs and lows from b12) I could kick a ball (and fast) and I could catch a ball (although throwing now is beyond me but I could do that before!) and haven't tried the tennis bit. But the bowling - strike!

Now these things, although I could do them, did cause me immense delayed physical distress - extreme muscle fibrillations, pain, the whole kit and kaboodle. But I could (I certainly couldn't now) do them. Yet I really couldn't do them before.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

The only thing I have seen that's similar, is in the film Awakenings, when the Parkinsonian patients were discovered to have super fast reflexes for some tasks even though for the most part they were immobile.

Okay this is going to be one of those threads that dies a death but it's a question that even if people notice it, they may not want to broach for fear of being labelled a malingerer by the gossip mongers. But the gossip mongers still think b12 deficiency affects the blood ... wadda they know!

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  • No.

  • That 'no' answer is one you should think in your head, and then step away from the pc before you press submit reply....;-)

  • Stepped away from my smartphone (PCs are so passé), thought hard and the answer is still no.

  • Not quite the same thing but I do notice that my co-ordination improves when I have some B12.

    Number of times this years I've had problems co-ordinating everything when I've been on the bowls green (different bowls) - have gone and got my nasal spray and taken a couple of sprays and gone back out again and co-ordination and grip on the woods has come back.

  • Match fixing!

  • B12 not a banned substance as far as I am aware

  • Sshhh. Don't go giving anybody ideas!

  • How would they test for it :)

  • Serum b12 - Gold Standard of course.

  • They'd get sued so quickly :)

  • I don't think anyone on our recent bowls tour would have passed if they brought in drugs testing! I took a sublingual spray with me, and it helped me survive the week. ( I did only play in two matches due to my health issues though). MariLiz

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