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Foot drop

Can b12 cause foot drop I have taken the bull by the horns and made appointment to see my doctor today as I can't wait the next 3 months till I see endo for some time now I have been able to bend my toes on left foot at night both hands and feet are red hot and stops me sleeping

And as you will se from my previous post I had a very embarrassing episode last week my doctor is not very up on things took her 6 months to diagnose my hyper

So would like to go armed with some facts


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Gosh I do not know what foot drop is, but hot burning feet at night is a symptoms of neuropathy, possibly caused by not enough B12. Make sure you are not deficient in folate and or iron def can help. I found using body lotion good, and sticking feet out side the bed for a bit. Also using a scrub on feet, sort of give them a reason to burn. But burning feet sensation is a neurological symptom so definitely mention that one to GP.

Perhaps read and give copy of this to GP for info, see:

"Maintenance treatment for patients presenting without neurological deficit is with hydroxocobalamin 1000 g i.m. every three months. Those with initial neurological deficit should receive hydroxocobalamin 1000 g i.m. every two months."



Thanks marre I think it's foot drop I have been googling basically my toes won't move any more on left foot I'm not feeling that postive gp will take me seriously


Strictly speaking foot drop is a condition where the foot drops prematurely when you are stepping, making you liable to trips and falls.

And yes, B12D can cause foot drop


Hi thanks for your reply I have been to Dr now and have been refered to a neurolgist

As I have not got abnormal reflexes in my feet the blood form she has given me is retesting my tsh

so hopefully we will get to bottom of it


I don't get burning in my feet but I do have problems with my left foot - just feels like there is a lump of meat there not a foot but that gets a lot better if I use methyl cobalamin

Hope that you manage to get your problem sorted out.


Hi Gambit62, someone on another site today has mentioned 'foot drop' and I told them that I recalled it was connected to B12 Def.

Also I told a friend of mine a year ago that I had read the two were connected. I Googled B12D and footdrop today and came across you confirming this, (2 yrs later,) can I ask if you have any links to this please so I can help my friend ?



haven't managed to find anything specific but this article mentions peripheral neuropathy as a cause and as peripheral neuropathy is a symptom of B12 deficiency (and other conditions) ...


Thank you Gambit62, very helpful.



Yes, I have experienced foot drop with torso and leg weakness and muscle atrophy on left side along with most b12 deficiency symptoms. I don't methylate b12 and folic acid so it causes a deficiency even those my serum level are very high normal.




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