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Reflux or angina

My doctors are trying to work out if I have a problem with my heart because of pain in chest and once it spread from my elbows to my jaw, but only once. I took a few anti acids which made me dizzy so I didn't take them long enough to rule out reflux but can you have reflux when you have PA? I know we're not supposed to take anti acids as we're low on acid anyway.

I've had the stress on the running machine test, and ecg and I'm booked in for stress echo cardiogram and ordinary echo cardiogram. I was going in for Angiogram but the consultant thought my improved symptoms didn't warrent it and I didn't like the risk (1 in 1000 deaths, 1 in 100 serious complications) Sorry if this is too much about hearts but the other theory is that my mad immune system is now attacking my heart. Perhaps one of you can help me rule out reflux?

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Reflux can be caused by low acid as well as high. There is no way to distinguish between the two unless you have your stomach acid PH checked.

If you have low stomach acid and take antacids, generally speaking they will only alleviate the problem temporarily or they will make it immediately worse.

You can't get your stomach acid PH checked on the NHS in the UK. There is no test for it. Most doctors have never even heard of low stomach acid - that's how good their training is!


Interesting post. Why don't they offer you a CT angiogram? My chest pains started over three years ago an I've never managed to get to the bottom of it despite having a clear CT. I have actually got an appointment with the same cardiologist as the bloody pains have returned after being pretty stable for a year or more. Whether this is anything to do with B12 I don't know but I've started to have my doubts since I have now had eight B12 shots. I hope they can get to the cause of your heart probs soon.


Alex they did offer me an angiogram but the cardiologist suggested as my pains were not as extreme anymore and because I did not welcome the idea of having a procedure that has a 1 in 1000 chance of killing you and a 1 in 100 chance of causing long term damage, if it was not completely necessary.


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