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Immediate Action from my Hematologist

Following on from my previous comments re the numerous serious symptoms that I have, I am pleased to update that I received my first B12 injection today! Met with the Hematologist and he said that this was serious and immediate action was needed. I have been instructed to report back every second day for a series of six injections and thereafter six injections to follow at one per week. He will then evaluate after that. I also gave blood for anti body testing before the B12 was given. I have also got three different tablets to take. Vitamins etc. I was also given a fairly lengthy and repeated apology for the years wasted! I want my old life back, I doubt that will be possible but I will remain optimistic for the next few months!

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Hope you will just improve loads over time!


Alex I don't know where your other comments are - but I'm thrilled. Let's hope many, many more patients start to get the treatment they deserve (and I hope when it comes to reevaluation they keep giving you the jabs!)


Thanks Marre and Poppet. Poppet, my previous posting was seven days ago "low B12 and numerous symptoms". Thanks again.


And I should have said previous post and not comments. B12 causes confusion as well right :)


What excellent news. Such a shame it's taken so long.

Previous thread here -

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Ahha - thanks for that Engels.

We've had someone again today report a relation with the excessive sweating problem.

At least Alex has got a good result - let's hope things continue!


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