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B12 - everything you want you r doctor to know


I have sent this to my doctor - I find hte case of the paediatrician who was B12 deficient closest to my symptoms (18 minutes in)


there are 4 case studies - one is a teenager, two is the padeiatrician (adult) doctor, three is the baby, and number four is the adult female

hope you find this useful

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please bear in mind, my doctor has told me homocystene test and transcolbalamine tests are not available on the NHS - I would be interested if anyone has had these on the NHS

Why is it that a prescription is required for vitamin B12 injection? It seems that a great many people would benefit from this valuable health support tool if it weren't for the inflexibility of the medical establishment in respect of its use.

Gambit62Administrator in reply to harvold

unfortunately when the rules were drawn up in the UK anything that needs to be given by injection was put in the category of Prescription Only Medicines, which is why it can only be obtained by prescription in the UK. Situation is very different in France etc.

Guess we could all try lobbying our MPs to get the law changed in relation to B12

Just watched the whole thing! It's shocking what the deficiency can cause. It made me cry in places, particularly when it talked about dangerously low levels. Mine was 79 when I was diagnosed and I do have neurological problems but have no help for this. My 17 year old daughter has just been diagnosed and I am determined that she will be treated correctly!

Hi peteds,

I know what you mean - mine was 65, and have had to fight for my injections every step of the way - my neurological issues are so bad now I cannot walk, and yet the doc has decided to stop my B12 injections, without examining me - saying 2 months of injections is enough.

I only knew about the hereditary possibilities through this site and PAS site, my doc did not tell me anything about it - I had to ask them to have my son tested.

I wish you and your daughter the very best, if treated early and properly it is no worse than an injection once every few months.

Big Hugs,


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