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seeking advice on FOLATE levels - have test results - just need to figure out what they mean :-)

seeking advice on FOLATE levels - have test results - just need to figure out what they mean :-)


I finally managed to persuede the doc to test for Folate ( along with my normal blood tests) and picked up a copy of the results today - but nto sure what they mean, and I know you guys are brill at this.

Is there a table somewhere that lets me know what my levels should be to feel OK?

I am on B12 injections, 1ml 3 x a week - have been for 6 weeks now ( due to neuro symptoms, still not better)

Hopefully someone will have more of a clue than me..



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Hi Mrs Somerset

Before anyone can help you with you Folate levels, you will need to say what they are and what the ranges are. However, if you are suffering neuro probs. as you state, then your G.P. is likely to be injecting you with Hydroxocobalamin, whilst the latest research is indicating, that Methylcobalamin is better for Neuro probs. The reason is that research has shown, that Methylcobalamin has the ability to repair and restore the Myelin sheath on damaged nerves. For this reason, it may be a good idea to talk to your G.P. in this regard. Research also indicates, that Methylcobalamin + Folic Acid + Vit. B6 is the best mixture to administer. However, I personally would also add Vit B2, as B2 is required to activate B6, whilst B6 is needed in the absorption of B12.

I am also wondering if your G.P. has tested for Intrinsic Factors - Parietal Cell Antibodies and if prior to starting your injections, he / she has tested your HoloTC and if necessary your MMA and even a Homcysteine if he /she feels your Folate / B12 levels may be in question.

All tests are available at very reasonable costs at Guy's / St. Thomas's Hospital in London, free advise from Denise O'blien on phone 0207 188 7188 at the hospital.


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