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Seeking advice on active b12 levels

After experiencing many of the symptoms of a vitamin b12 deficiency, and after my aunt also having been given this diagnosis, and a LOT of doctor's appointments and blood tests, have finally had the active b12 blood test done privately. Results were sent to me but have no idea of whether this is a normal result or not, so looking for advice on it from anyone who has any knowledge on this. Thanks a lot :)

Active b12 result:

75.3 pmol/L (25.1 - 165.0)

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75.3 pmol is very low.

Can I suggest that you take a look at the PAS website and may be do some reading up as low B12 is something most GPs tend not to understand (that's my experience) and I found it very difficult to find any information on it after being diagnosed with low B12 (but normal folate). The doctor is probably going to try looking at your red blood cells and if your folate levels are normal they may not have been affected so will be perplexed but shouldn't be - at that level you definitely need treatment.

Just reading 'Pernicious Anaemia: The forgotten disease' and can thoroughly recommend that in terms of helping to understand what is going on.

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Gambit, that is an 'active b12' I don't think it is 'low', at St Thomas' they would classify 75.3 as 'replete', results from 25 to 70 are referred for methylmalonic acid as they are in the 'grey' area, so at 75.3 j-134 is in the 'replete' area of active b12.


what type of specialist should I see to get this clarified? My thought was either a rheumatologist or a haematologist.? my experiences with the endo was very grim and unhelpful in the past. GPs seem to work with all diferent guidelines AND lab has excluded vit B 12 from their testing due to cut backs. I am prepared to find a private consultant and will travel in uk if I could get the whole accurate picture.


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