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Medical negligence

If you are not getting treatments you deserve, through his story, this man might give you a hint...why.

While his condition is miles apart from B12 deficiency/PA, it demonstrates that medical negligence is widespread.

Do you have your own story to tell? Why not contact TPV?

Now, my question is, is there anything we can do? Or is it a case of grin and bare it till you die?

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I guess the answer here is to make sure you have all your medical records, any witnesses and evidence, then make your move. I found this video quite alarming that this poor man had such treatment, and the woman caller well it beggars belief what possibly can go on unregulated. But in the same vein a cautionary thought to have in the back of one's mind if you want to question a diagnosis or treatment.


I've also been the victim of some pretty serious malpractice. I am in the US and there's a myth that suing for malpractice in the US is easy and will make you rich. But you pretty much have to be crippled or dead to sue here. I had a surgery, gave them my allergy list and got very sick in the hospital. I complained online about the hospital and suddenly they called me. I was sent a dumb letter, but I had the official record of my stay in my hands and it turned out they had given me two drugs that I was allergic to, for three days. I was so sick that one morning after throwing up all night I didn't even know where I was! I've also had xrays misread that caused me to develop another major issue. The magic word is "IOTROGENIC" it means a medical treatment that causes or exacerbates illness. I'm looking to sue as well. But it's awfully hard to win.


I'm sorry to hear what happened to you pauline19.

I raised this issue because there are far more people who have been suffering in silence, passed around from one department to another, written off as it were.

Our health system NHS is swiftly heading towards privatisation and I have a feeling that it will only get worse.

In a way, many people who are denied B12 injection are neglected, aren't they? It appears that far too many GPs are diagnosing patients without proper tests or have hardly any knowledge about B12 deficiency/PA.


Could only watch about half of that then had to turn it off, it's just too depressing.


That's what most people do. Turn off the ugly news and forget about it....sure to go away. But it's a reality and if we don't fight it who else will? I guess if you are healthy it's someone else's misfortune and it won't affect you perhaps but I need medical assistance and too close to my heart.


OK, think you took my comment the wrong way? I wouldn't call myself healthy and am faced with my fair share of medical negligence, all you can do is fight your corner and help other people to become enlightened.


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