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Can anybody tell me which 'type' of Folate Acid (iron tablets) I should take? I am prescribed tabs my GP but I get very bad

constipation.... Also, I have heard that Magnesium (not sure which sort?) is good for constipation.....Can anybody tell me the cheapest place to buy this? I know this seems a stupid question but what does PM mean? Somebody has P M me? I am not very computer literate......!!!

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Hi, I can't help with the tablets much. Folic Acid (folate) and iron tablets are different to each other and I have had problems with the iron tablets like you, because of that the doctor suggested I take one a day rather than three so may be worth discussing with them? PM means Private message, like an email - I'm not sure where you would find that here as I'm still quite new to the forum. Hope this helps


On the green strip across the top of the page there is an envelope icon. Clicking on this will take you to your inbox.


I take accross the counter Folic Acid to help absorb my B12. If you need something with Iron in it that wont make your constipation worse try Fersamal tablets. Folic Acid is not an Iron supplement.

Hope this helps, been there!


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