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WHY at the GP's surgery!?!?

I've had PA for about 8-9 years now and I'm perfecly comfortable with the situation. I have the injections every 12 weeks and I never feel the effects running out, which is great.

But what is really bothering me is WHY I have to go back to the GP surgery every 12 weeks to have this injection? After almost a decade of them, I could do it myself blindfolded, without wasting NHS resources and without unnecessary inconvenience in my own life. So why can't I do it myself??

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Hi Vikki

I'm in a different situation from you in that I am currently on a one injection every other day regime - but I do my own injections. The surgery nurse demonstrated to me (and supervised my first shot) how to use the syringe and needles and then provided me with my first box of each and a sharps bin. You can order any of these from Amazon. My B12 ampoules are via prescription - they come in batches of 5 and I keep them in the fridge. They do have a shelf life which, if you only have one injection every 3 months, may be the reason for asking you to go to the surgery...? For my doctor I keep a daily record of symptoms that are discussed to see if the regularity of injections needs to go up or down.

Hope that helps.



And there you have it, a demonstration of the postcode lottery when it comes to B12 treatment. I think we all might be moving to your area sometime soon gmcg ;-)

I do have frequent injections (although the docs starting to twitch) but the nurses point blank refuse to teach me self injecting. Apparently they're not allowed to teach IM injections. And this is despite the fact that my doc asked them to show me. How weird is that?

H x


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