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In france usually buy dodecavit (hydroxy) but problem with supply - can buy cyano but is it ok for me to use? Advice v much appreciated x

I have pa and inject hydro 0.5 mg a few times a week. I leave france soon (back to Scotland ) and because of a problem with the pharmaceutical maker of dodecavit im struggling to get it. No pharmacies able to ordrt it in at the mo. cyanocobalamin is available, never had it and wondedi g of should buy a supply of that instead? Cheers

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Be very careful here - you really need to have expert medical advice about cyanocobalamin use. Cyanocobalamin is the cheapest form of B12 and contains a cyanide molecule, is not for smokers, also if you are allergic to cobalt, or have Leber's disease you could have a very bad reaction, even go blind. It also has little effect on extant nerve damage. It is very unsafe just to think of substituting cyanocobalamin for your current hydroxocobalamin.

Here is a starter link with info.: there is ample and extensive information on the I/net.

The Pernicious Anaemia Society might be to advise you further.


Hi cocoloco,

I use cyanocobalamin (Optovite, from Spain, selfbought) once every 2 weeks on top of my once every 2 months NHS hydroxo since 2006, and I smoke, and find I actually prefer the cyanocobalamin. Best bet is to try it, afterall all of America, Canada etc only perscribe/ use cyanocobalamin. My cyano contaoins no nast preservatives etc, I'd watch for that, but I'm allways a bit pezzled at the extreem reaction one can get for using cyanocobalamin. We all are different, and strabgely enough cyanocobalamin makes me feel much more "awake" much quicker than hydroxo does. Hydroxo does help raise my serum B12 more than cyano though.

Unless you know you have Tobacco amblyopia and or Leber's optic atrophy: you should be fine to try cyanocobalamin if you wish.

For some more info you could have a look at this, see:

KInd regards,



Is it possible to buy hydroxocobalamin ampoules over the counter in France or do you need a prescription?




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