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Am still waiting on answers?

Ok, I have read a few post, now I see a some of you have sleep deprivation manly at night. Well I well I wake up and god forsaken times in total agony in legs/arms etc etc. Then usually getting back to sleep is a definite BIG NO.

Then through the day, all I do is the noddy dog impersonation. Then at night am back too the same routine.

As, I have said in my introductory post, am still waiting on answers. On which gp are not too haste to do so.

Am in constant pain 24/7.

Your thoughts please.


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Hi, I had the same problem but solved it with some Clonezpam and marijuana (edible).



i hav e psp a rare type o Parkinsons fo rwhich there r no meds available to take for it

but i am good and my sleep pattern altho disturbed by frequent visit to the toilet,mean i get about 6/7 hours in on a good night

i take a trazadone before going to sleep which helps me get off to sleep

pain in the neck area is pretty chronic and i take paracetamol for that

i hoep this is of osem use ot you

lol jIll



Thanks Jill & Larry for those comments. As I have said in previous posts, with parkinsons, it's not been medically confirmed yet, if or when am going to find out, if I do or not, will just have to hold out on that one.

Am on naproxen and baclofen for nerve damage to neck, lumber area of back. MST 60mg twice daily for pain, along with your bog standard paracetamol.




I alternate between ambien, clonezepam, flexeril, benedryl, wine, and just watching tv all night. Hate taking the pills, wish I had an answer. Ya, and inevitably I have to pee the minute I nod off.


where does everyone have the pains?? I mean I have horrible stenosis in the lower back and i sorta tip to the was pretty good again, but then i sneezed wrong...and "bingo" threw it out again.....

but last night anew just all of a sudden started, it is just under my right shoulder blade. It was a rolling in pain and now constant??? really strange. How do we know what is Parkie pain and what is something else???????????????? can someone explain to me???


This week pain in the arm,

Next week pain in the leg

can't wait for the week after.

This describes PD pain to me, you never quite know where it is going next.


I am sleep deprived as well. I've taken a truck load of sleep meds in different combinations and now I have to battle the consequences of my pill addiction. I have an appointment this week with an alternative healer. I know he'll put me on a routine to wean myself off all these pharmecueticals. I'll report back

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I also have insomnia. Have tried a lot of natural things - be interested to hear what alt. healer recommends.


My pain is twofold. One is caused by my poor colon's feeble attempts to do what it's supposed to do. The other is bursitis in my knees. They get worse at night. My original symptom was a frozen left foot and tendonitis in left inner thigh and hip. The worst is what feels like red ants crawling up and down the legs when I'm trying to go to sleep. I take klonopin, valerian and melaton. It usually works. But when it doesn't -- horrible. The first pain is probably PD related IBs-C, and I've been seeing a kind GI doctor, who has sent me for PT for ab pain, which was very good, but then I ate stuff I shouldn't, and prescribed new meds. It's ruining my life, this damn pain. I'm determined to get rid of it!


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