For folks that don't mind, please let me know where you live. I'm certainly not interested in invading your privacy, just interested in where in the world my blog message may be going.

When you comment or reply just include a reference as to where you live (city and state), or in your About Me section. The locator used currently doesn't tell me much!

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  • Hi, I live in the Tyne Valley area of Northumberland, in a small town called Prudhoe. We are not too far from Newcastle upon Tyne ( North East England )

  • Hi christine,i was born and raised in newcastle,i now live in kelso,i remember trip to prudhoe and the tyne valley as a child,i went to brown rigg boarding school in bellingham for a while,(1972).

  • Hello Alan, Nice to hear from you. So how does a geordie end up in Kelso? I was born in Carlisle, but moved to Pruddhoe when I got married, and never left when I got divorced. Kelso is nice, I have been there once or twice. I bet being at Brownrigg was a bit different in the winter. Gets fair chilly up at Belllingham! Take care, Christine

  • Hi christine,i seem to recall an awful lot of snow that winter in bellingham!i married a girl from kelso in 2004 who i met while working in edinburgh for a while,(divorced when i got pd,a long story),hows prudhoe these days?lovely place the tyne valley especially on a summers day.

  • Prudhoe is cold, wet, and windy at the moment! Wish it was warmer, and lighter.I hate these dark long nights. Still, an early night with a DVD might be in order tonight, after I catch up on all the gossip on facebook ( my family are hooked on it ). Take care

  • Hi Christine , I live in Carlisle (born here,moved away,came back)


  • Where in Carlisle are you? I was brought up in Harraby, but before she died my mother lived in Mgt. Creighton Gardens, and I have an uncle just off Newtown Road. I still visit sometimes, and I often look at the old Carlisle website on Facebook.

  • Hey hello, im also from Carlisle, (Morton West), joined this site a month ago and have found it very helpful

  • Hi Jeff and others

    Just a reminder that a similar question came up a while ago and Paul kindly organised a locator map for Community members use.

    Instructions are in Questions area under the heading "Where is Everybody" which can be found by doing a search with one of the following words, community, location, map. Alternatively Victor gives a link to it below.

    As an aside - The Third World Parkinson Congress is in Montreal, Canada from October 1 - 4, 2013. Quite a way off yet but advanced notice for saving plans! Hopefully many PM people will be there and perhaps can meet up.

  • would really like to hear more abouat that

  • Hi, I live in Hixson, TN which is about 20 minutes from Chattanooga, TN, home of the song "The Chattanooga Choo Choo" made famous by the Glenn Miller orchestra in the late 1940's.

  • Its a small world! I have an old school friend from here in Sheffield England who now lives in Tennesee, Charlotte I believe

  • Andy

    You must mean Charlotte NORTH CAROLINA not Tennessee


  • Hello CheriH, I live in the East Brainerd area, who is your Neurologist?

  • Hi I live in the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

  • HI ,

    I live just out side Glasgow in a village called Gartcosh

  • Hi Jeff

    I live in Chipping Norton - about 20 miles from Oxford. Tony

  • FYI, Paul_Dineen set up a google location map in November. Here is a link to the post.


    Me, I'm in Eastern Idaho USA

  • Victor,

    Thanks for input...



  • Fort Collins, Colorado

    Thanks, Victor.

    If anyone here wants to add themselves to that map, please use the instructions that are about half the way down the page -- a browser page search (typically control-f in browsers running on Windows) for "Detailed instructions for marking your location" will get you there. (This was my first time with making a public map, and some problems in the initial post of that discussion are corrected in the post half way down. So, don't use the initial post for that.)

    It's a 10-step process, which sounds like a lot, but they're small, simple steps.

  • Paul,

    I spent most of my life in CO (3 - 60 yrs old). Ironically, we moved to Phoenix, AZ for my husbands health in January 2010 and 6 months later I was diagnosed with PD. My PD doc is the director of the Muhammad Ali PD Center. I love CO and really miss it, it is a beautiful state.

  • Hi,

    I live in Green Valley, (Quail Creek) just south of Tucson,AZ.

  • I had ex-in-laws in Green Valley. The Buccholz couple. John passed sway, I think in the early 90's, Opal just about a year ago. But their daughter still lives there. I visited there a few times, and made sure not to miss the golfing.

  • I lived in Tucson for 19 years and after my husband died in 1974 I moved with my kids to San Diego. Just moved back here 2 years ago. I really love Arizona, the desert and mountains and sun sets and sun rises, and down here in Green Valley it is like a zoo with all the animals rroaming around. I do worry sometimes that some of them might go after my dog, Izzy. But, I love seeing all of them. I am in Quail Creek, we have 3 golf courses. If you ever get back here please let me know.

  • i live near LIMOGES in sw france - hi

  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

  • Beachdog,




  • Howdy from TX Beachdog!!

  • Hi, I live in Amherst, NY. It is a suburb to the north of Buffalo, NY

  • I live in Inverness, FL about 1 hour north of Tampa.

  • Hi DiCan,

    I have visited Inverness. My sister and her husband used to live in Inverness. My niece still lives there with her family. It's a small world, isn't it?

  • Yes, do you ever come visit? I actually live between Inverness and Floral City, in the county.

  • It's a pretty area. Sorry to say, it has been years since I have visited Inverness. I'm not sure exactly what area my niece lives in.

  • I live in England in a village near to Nottingham where Robin Hood comes from.

  • Hi everyone

    Wow...so many from England....I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

    At the foot of Pikes Peak, a 14,000 ft mountain. And am about 68 miles south of Denver, CO

  • I lived in CO for 57 years before moving to Phoenix, AZ 2 years ago.

  • Nevada 12 miles from Lake Tahoe

  • I live in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA. It is fascinating to learn " where in the world" Parkies friends live. Thanks for asking.

  • I live in a small village on The Wirral, near the sea and across the river from Liverpool.


  • Thanks Sue



  • hi i live in ireland ....anyone else on here ?

  • Yes I live in Ireland

  • Thanks Cint



  • i live between brighton and paris


  • feels a bit like it backwards and forwards;;;now belgium as well!

  • wow where do you get the energy from

  • i live in the land Down Under and am an Ambassador for Parkinson's Movement in Sydney Australia

    John Silk

  • Thanks Johnsilk,

    Check out my blog...



  • Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

  • Just outside of Hilo, Hawaii. But most of my life was in northern California.

  • Springfield, Missouri by way of Cincinnati, Ohio!

  • Oak Park, Illinois just west of Chicago. Originally from the "Jersey Shore".

  • Thanks MichaelOM



  • i was born in oak park in 1959 raised in cicero sure miss the food live in washingto st now

  • Cool! Funny that you mention the food. I've been here 11 years and I still miss Jersey food.

  • Phoenix, AZ. Originally from Denver, CO.

  • Fort Worth Texas about 2 miles from second home texas motor speedway. Also lived in co. Az. Mo. Il. Fl. Ks. Ca. Ak. And italy and germany. Kuwait for 9. Months hehe. 38 and prior military and military brat

  • Thanks sbtexas...



  • I live in Williamsburg, Virginia.

  • Thanks for your help rch21. Please check out my blogsite @ elcid82.blogspot.com


  • i live on lake cle elum in the cascades of washington st still cant figure out how to put a picture up

  • My husband and I are both native Californians. We were born the same year within 20 miles of each other. We have lived in Long Beach, California for 35 years. The weather here is fantastic!

  • my wife was born in long beach we lived in san clemente for 10 years then moved up to washington do you remember san wan hot springs on the ortega highway i worked there in the early 1980s

  • We have only visited the hot springs in Palm Springs and those in Mammoth Lakes area. My husband can no longer enter the hot water due to his low blood pressure.

  • I live in Portland, Maine, USA. I'm amazed at the number of people who live across the pond. I'm also interested in people's ages. I'm 80years old. Think I started on PD four to five years ago.

  • Upper West SIde, Manhattan, New York City

  • Hi Jeff

    I live in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, USA. It is about 50 minutes west of New York CIty.

  • Milton, fl. Just outside pensacola

  • Hi , New Year compliments from Aberdeen, Scotland :)

  • The Bridges of Madison County is called home. I live 4 mile north of Winterset Iowa near the Hogback Covered Bridge.

  • I live in Orlando Florida. Born and raised here before Mickey Mouse came to town.

  • I live in Columbine Hills Littleton, Colorado but was born in Peoria,Illinois and also lived in Muskegon Michigan.

  • I 'm in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, I've been here for 27yrs,born in my Mums house in Dunfermline Fife

    It's nice to meet you all.

  • HI NENE1 .


  • I'm in Dudley West Midlands UK

  • Lexington, Virginia, USA, beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

    From Virginia, but for many years lived and traveled elsewhere.

  • Home of the VMI Keydets...Played in several football games @ VMI

  • Egads. What school? Did you get to see Lexington at all?

  • Rogers Park, Chicago Illinois

  • Hi,

    I was born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Rockford,Illinois. lived in Tucson Arizona for 20 years, and moved to San Diego, California for 31 years and moved back to Arizona 2 years ago. I am south of Tucson in Green Valley.

    I am 73 and was diagnosed around 1998. Mentally doing fabulous, and physically it is starting to show, slightly....... but most people who know me, do not know I have PD, unless I have told them.

  • I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand. I currently live in London. Not many of us downunder people here yet!

  • I am new to this site.I live in Seattle but grew up in Chicago

    I also have a blog on wordpress.com. If you want to read it go to yougottomoveitmoveit.com

    I deal with my PD with laughter

    Try painting a room with PD. If the results of that adventure doesn't make you laugh then I don't know what will

  • sistadred,

    Thanks for response...If you have an interest my blogsite is elcid82.blogspot.com

  • I luv your blog. It was inspiring to me

  • I live near Royal Ascot, Berkshire, England.

  • hiya jeff

    i live in nyc (spent 13 years in London though & used to work all over

    but weekends in Sheffield) back in mmy birthplace the rotten apple since mid 90s

  • Chattanooga, TN

  • Susie01, I also live in Chattanooga, TN. Are you active in the PD support group that is held once a month at Siskin Hospital? I didn't make the meeting this month; but plan to do better next month. Maybe we could meet for lunch sometime. I think it would help me to talk to someone who has gone through the grieving process that I am working through at the moment. If you would like to meet, let me know.

  • Hi Cheri,

    I have not yet been to the support group, had the info before the Holidays, was sick on one Tuesday when I had planned to go.

    I would love to meet for lunch and talk with someone face to face other than my doctor about PD.

    I will send you a private email with my phone number so we can get in touch.

  • Susie01,

    Thanks for your location...



  • HI jeff jennings

    I am frm gods own county *yorkshire england but have lived on the othter side in lancashire for mos t of my adult life IN BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER

    LOVE jill

  • Northern Ireland a place called Killinchy aprox 15 Miles from Belfast

  • I lice in central Wisconsin USA

  • Bisbee, AZ

    Says so in my profile anyway...unless my wife finally got tired of me and sold the house and did not tell me yet...

  • I'm new to this sight.

    Greetings from Southern Denmark

  • I tried a couple of years ago to make this work, so that we were able to see where each one of us comes from, especially which country, secondly - which town, but this is not easy I Guess. When I check Members I would like to be able to see or search for People from different countries

  • Santa Barbara Ca.

  • I am from alabama. I was diaginosed with parkinson,s syndrome 8 months ago. I am taking primidone 2 times a day and sinemet 3times a day . it helps but wears after several hours later. I sleep a lot better at night.

  • Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Hi Jeff,

    I live in St. Petersburg Florida. Diagnosed 2007 - DBS in 2010 .

    To look at me you would never know I have pd. Prior to DBS I was a total train wreck . It's worked wonders for me. Good luck to all of you.


  • 3 years ago, but i am still in Norway

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