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Last summer I experience 4 days where my body temps ranged from 94' F-95'F. I lay in bed with a coat on, heating pad and blankets over me shivering. I also had episodes of acute pain and muscle spasms in both of my hands and forearms.

When things were better, I saw my Neuro. His explanation was the affect of PD on the hypothalamus, which was reasonable. Interesting...Last night I watched "House", a US medical drama where they try and do differential diagnosis on "tough" patients. The patient presented with a myriad of symptoms, one of which was hypothermia. One of the attending MD's pointed out the hypothermia could be explained my PD. I was surprised that this was in the script since I have not seen anyone else talk about it, though I had experienced it.

Anyone else had hypothermia (low body temp)?

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Mine is always low! I don't know if its the PD or medications! Can also cause variations in blood pressure!


Carol <><


I averaged a degree low (around 97.6) my entire life before my diagnosis of PD. I feel chills when my PD symptoms are bad.


hi suzie. . i had the same and still have. lots of sweat nighttimes. the cold is gone but my wife says i feel like themal flask. its simply awfull. hope you are feeling better


My temp is normally about 96.8 but not from PD but from Hypothyroidism. If it goes up to what is supposed to be normal, I have a fever.


Always cold....Doc said it can be caused by PD.....Landry.

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I'm always cold, but I also have Hypothyroidism. I don't take my long sleeves & sweater off until it's 80° and then I keep the long sleeves.


Thanks everyone for your responses. It seems that I am always having different symptoms, it's a crazy disease!


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