I'm good in the morning, but tire fairly easily. My wife and I are thinking it is time for a trip to ireland. We know I can't do the tour group thing as I'll never keep up. Any good tips on travel with pd with less mobility and lots of fatigue. Sounds like fun doesn't it. We're thinking of going to one city or village in ireland and just getting to know that place and the people. Anyway, any tips.

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  • I think you should just do the best you can with travelling, try not to worry too much over it, and go and enjoy yourself.

  • I agree. Go for it and enjoy yourself.

  • You don't give any detail of your travel mode.if flying make sure you request wheel chair assistance when booking.An excellent FREE service even if you fly with Ryanair .

    When making any advance booking in Ireland just mention your Parkinson's and you will be

    Treated with dignity and respect .Ask for room adjacent to lifts and easy access.For your accommodation needs contact "failte Ireland "who will provide you details of all sorts of accommodation and special value packages.recommend the west coast of Ireland if you favour touring around.,maybe Galway area.i have being diagnosed 8 years and still travel,quite a lot. Use "Travel Advisor."enjoy your trip,

  • thanks jimsey. great advice.

  • I would take a watch with you that has an alarm on it and keep it in your pocket as your travel around. keep the watch set on US time that way you don't have to think about the time differnce when it comes to taking your medication it's easeir to stay on schedule. Depending on daylight savings I believe Ireland is 6 hours ahead of the US.

  • thanks. good idea.

  • We'll be going in September. My biggest concern has been the flight. I'm hoping to go business or at least prem. eco. We'll be doing a bus tour so I'm hoping that there will be sufficient ride to to recover from any walking. Like you fatigue is a factor. I hadn't thought about the med issues. I believe they'll be 5 hours ahead when we go. We are going a day early so I may try to adjust my meds to their time then. I'm determined to get as much traveling done while I can. Good luck.

  • I lived in Sligo when I was in my 20's. It was a fun town, and right on the ocean. If I were you I would hire a driver to take you around, so you won't get too tired.

  • thanks. good advice.

  • I suggest Killarney, an easy trip from Shannon Airport. It has lots of options re lodging and restaurants and is close to the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula two of the most beautiful places I've ever been. There are day-long driving tours from Killarney to the Ring and the Dingle (possibly several, and on every day of the week) and probably to other places around there as well. If the van is comfortable but you're not feeling 100% you can just sit there all day long and look out the window. They make plenty of stops for closer inspection of ruins and landscapes, as well as for local shopping and bathroom breaks, so you will be able to move around if you need to (and can). Now, it has been years since I've been in Ireland so do your own research, but I imagine that the local touring options are even more comfortable and accessible than they were then. I'm sure they have regional day trips out of Dublin too, which is also a great town. Luck maith!

  • thanks for the great advice.

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