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Healthiest Man, again

I posted this link yesterday for my movie, "The Healthiest Man On Earth", and got quite a response, then it stopped, so i may have crossed a line by putting my Web site in a follow-up post. So let me try again cleanly because there were further things to say to some that responded. i spent the last year making this movie, i'm not a moviemaker, but a writer/artist, but with the help of friends and acquaintances, also not moviemakers, we managed to patch together my story of creativity and PD, "The Healthiest Man On Earth" and you can find it here:

It's 26 minutes, so you have to be patient...

it's about inspiration. i spent my life depressed. the ironic thing is now with PD, i'm not depressed. i'm gushing with creative energy and that trumps depression, at least for me.

could it for you?

See the movie. feel free to pass the link on to anyone you think would benefit...

stay healthy,


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hi gary

i have PSP !

i have watched part of hyour movie but my deafness makes it difficult to hear it all


lol JIll


i too am not depressed any longer i(spent most of my adult life beign depresssed)


I have to wait for a time slot during the day when the net is not busy

I look forward to watching this video.


Hello Gary,

I was never much into poetry and such, but your poems are beautiful and encouraging. Please keep it up. I watched your whole video and love it. 10 years of hard work paid off. Applaus, applaus.



Thanks John. Poetry can be a little heady for some, i try and keep mine accessible. thanks for watching the whole thing. that's the real testament,

many blessings,



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