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Deep Breathing

This might sound a bit naive, but I'll say it anyhow. Some times an event happens that causes me to get The Shakes. When I feel stressed out or anxious I do several minutes of deep breathing to relieve the tension. I know that this might sound silly in view of the extent of some of our PD advancement, but I think that it might be something that works to relieve anxiety in some of us. It works nicely for me:

Lie flat of your back with your hands placed on your stomach. Breath in deeply for seven seconds, hold and release the breath slowly. Do this for five minutes. Do you feel better? Good.


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I do the same thing!i learned to do it in my meditation class,I also take deep ; breaths and try to relax when I'm frozen ,,, that helps ,sometimes. I don;t think that's being silly, I' ve had PD for almost 11years ,and I'm soooo happy to be on this Website and I appreciate all the wonderful people and their stories and advice more than i can tell you!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


I also do this to help me relax. Was taught this method by my PD physio. Also, find a hot water bottle helps. Know this sounds silly, but it works to help my tremor.


There is nothing naive about your suggestion ,mindfulness breathing is powerful I use it myself and have used it in group sessions with fellow Parkinsons people with interesting results around tremor and dyskinesia.the wonderful thing about it is that it's free and you don't need anyone else to do it with you.Thank you for sharing that .Mags


Not silly at all. I do the same thing. Does help. And being new here i too love the stories the humor and the advice. Thank you all.


It' has been my crutch for many years . I haven't got Parkinsons but my husband has ..

It was something I learned about when I was having panic/anxiety attacks , wish I had known about it earlier ...

I have persuaded and taught my husband to use it now so he also has the crutch .

I fact just this morning while taking his BP using the breathing method it came wizzing down .

He also uses it at night when his mind strays to his problems , helps him to go off to sleep again . On top of this it is FREE and easy once you master it .


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