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Day 2 and 1/2

Well we just got back from an amazing dinner in the town of Ubud, Bali. And since everyone is mostly vegan I went with the vegan Pad Thai. We started the two a days this morning. It was a good sweaty workout then we had brunch. The cooks here are really wonderful. They are sweet and helpful as well as being exceptionally wonderful cooks. They make a vegan coconut yogurt every morning for breakfast. We had massages (1 &1/2 hours worth for $15.00). I felt so good after that I did not want to do yoga this afternoon but I did!!!

Thought I lost all of my money had changed over but I found it. I really don't like that kind of excitement.

Tomorrow I may go to the big jewelry store that is in Ubud, not sure. Everyone else is probably going white water rafting and since I will not be able to do that then I can go buy some jewelry as gifts for friends.

More later!


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hi sadie

great that u r going to get jewellery for friends

white water rafitng ??i dont think so!!

keep us posted

lol JIll



sounds heavenly. I remember going to Thailand and receiving 2 hour Thai massage. Fabulous! Here in New York it would cost $200. Coconut yogurt sounds interesting! Thanks


Sounds very good.. Keep it up! Youll be so much better for it all.


A massage...definitely. White water rafting....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! LOL. Sounds like you are having a good time.


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