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There Will Always Be

There will always be

People there to crush you

There will always be

People there to take you down

There will always be

People who want to change you

There will always be

People who give in

Never give in

Not to one single other person

Who doesn't love you for you

Who doesn't cherish every part you

Who doesn't respect every little flaw

That makes you you

And never let yourself get down

Keep your head up

When these days have passed

And we run head speed into tomorrow

These people who are there

To crush you

To take you down

To change you

These voices will become silent

And those who love you

Will be all you hear.

By My Friend Travis

6 Replies

This poem was written by a young friend of mine who seems to be wise beyond his years! All I know is it hit home for me!



To have "one true friend" is priceless.....They know just what to say.....Sometimes "just being there" is all you need.

Travis sounds like that kind of friend.



Travis is a fellow artist/poet that I met on an Artist website I belong to. I have known him as a fellow artist for years and have watched him grow to become an exceptional artist. We liked each others art and words and we struck up a facebook/e-mail friendship. Somehow he just fits.


yes a really moving poem

lol Jill



What an inspiring poem. He is certainly wise beyond his years. Thank you.


my "one true friend"? She married me and I thank god for her.



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