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DBS and car accident

I had a very successful DBS Surgery in June. Many if my symptoms were curtailed. On Jan 16 an SUV pulled out in front of us. My wife was driving a 1997 Geo Metri. We were going 35 mph and did not have time to stop. Both air bags deployed. Neither of us had any accident injuries and the other driver was cited for failure to yield. S few days later my pre surgery PD symptoms have returned. I see Dr. Jill tomorrow in Albuquerque. Has anyone experienced an accident after having DBS? By the way, the Geo is totaled and the insurance company of the other driver says he hasn't responded. He lives along the Mexican border in Sunland Park, NM. Hopefully things will work out.

Jon from NM.

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I am so sorry to hear your news. I had DBS in 2011. I have not experienced an accident but my neurologist would not allow me to do a sponsored sky dive as I might disconnect the internal wires inadvertently - I am wondering if this may have happened to you?



So sorry to hear what you're going through...Hope your DBS can be "revitalised. " Best of wishes go out to you.



No experience with an accident, but you did have a sudden impact event with the airbag which could take a while to recover from --but you'll likely recover. Keep us posted and best of luck.


Hey Jon, what did your Doc. have to say about it?


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