i have just been told i have parkinsons.i was told in much has changed in my life i dont really understand.i dont really sleep much any more.i have been so depressed aand angry about it.and the sinemet i take dont really work.and the vivid nightmares are real just scared about the whole thing.and confused.i guess thats all i have to say right glad i found this site to help me vent ty for listening to me

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  • Sorry to here your news and welcome to the sie. My husband has pd 17-18yrx now and has hadto put up with all sorts of symptoms, but still striving not easy but has coped well , talk to some who have the disease I am sure it helps, you will have some better days I am sure .Take care and good luck x

  • Sorry I ment welcome to this site we are not a bad lot x

  • While it's never fun to hear that you have a disease that is described as "progressive", there is much worse than PD. This site has so much to offer in ways to live the best life possible and support and be supported by others. There's an art to living... losing gracefully. It's true for all with or without PD.

  • Hello Dal57,

    Welcome to this site where you are amongst friends.

    It is perfectly normal, so soon after diagnosis, to feel depressed and out of your depth. Please be reassured that having Parkinson's is not the end of your world and that you have more living to do. You can still go out socially and have holidays if that is your thing. You can improve the quality of your sleep. Sinemet is not the only Parkinson's medication there is, but it could be that you need to increase your dose after consulting with either your nurse, GP or neurologist and get the timing of taking the sinemet right. Consider getting a book written by a Parkinson's patient (there are several excellent ones) to get an idea how they have coped. Continue to visit this site regularly to gain inspiration.

    I can honestly say that I would rather not have Parkinson's, but I can also say that I have met some great people, both online and in my locality, who are in the same position as me whom I count as good friends and can speak with at a deeper level than others I know.

    No, your life can become richer if you are prepared to let it!

    Hope to hear from you again soon.

    Kind regards


  • ty for the idea of getting a book on peoplee with parkinsons.i will check that out

  • Sorry this has happened,but the more you learn about PD the better you will understand how to fight it. One thing try and find a suport group in your area and join,talking with people will hwlp.



  • HI DAL57



    LOL jiLL



  • lol i love parties

  • Hello and "Welcome!" You will find this site to be "very helpful" and friendly....(it's nice to know that "you are not alone.")

    Another site to visit would be can find all sorts of facts and answers there.

    Take care and stay positive! :)

  • I think you can cope with almost anything if you have a good sleep, but often a few nights for some reason will be sleepless, I can imagine how you feel in a morning. I would not dare say how I feel when it happens to me It is unprintable.

    If you find that the Sinamet is not working for you have a word with the doc. you may need a change of medication.

  • yea i dont think it is working.i have a doc.apt in march.i will talk to him about it

  • Yes, and talk about sleep meds too. It's worth it. Ambien gave me nightmares, don't recommend it. Xanax works for 3-4 hours. Klonopin usually works for me taken with melatonin and valerian. Maybe you can try the last 2 -- they are OTC. Life's not over. How old are you and what were your symptoms? We are a varied lot. As someone said in my PD dance class (yes, they are so much fun and many YOPDs in mine) it's a designer disease.

  • Hi dal,

    Welcome, pleased to have you!

    Whatever symptoms you're dealing with are not any fun, I am sure. There truly are some wonderful words of wistom in the replies above! That is because most folks on here are very understanding, empathetic and wise.

    You'll likely also find numerouse discussions that have taken place sometime not too terribly long ago (still fresh enough to get lots of value from reading them) about how to cope with, diminish or rectify some of the symptoms you're dealing with now or that you might develop as we move forward together.

    For example, try this - if you have not already done so: Scroll to the top of this page and click on the wordlink "SEARCH" and enter the symptom you would like to know more about (like "Sleep" for example). You might well find a plethora of ideas on how others of us have dealt with the issue you've searched for

    Best wishes!


    Bisbee, AZ

  • hi, Its alright to be scared its a challenge for you now cos it takes time to come to terms with ur condition,but u did the right thing contacting thjis site, we are all in this together you are not alone.Be open to joining parkinsons help groups and arm yourself with as much info as you can from legitamite sources like this site and in time as you learn to fight back you will see that u still have a lot to offer and a full life to live good luck kavanman

  • Hello and welcome fellow Parki!! You will love this site,informative and friendly. I recommend Ativan for sleep,I take it only when needed .I would ask your dr. about it, it might work for you.

    Knowledge is power,the more you know the better you will be.We have PD it does not have us!!

  • Hi dai welcome to the site,!

    more later




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