A quiet anxiety

creeps in and

invades every

cell of my body.

I keep my face




I can't let

those around

me, see me

as I fall

and fade

away from

who I am.

It's building,

the fear,

the doubt.

the uncontrollabe

urge to bolt,

to run, run

as fast

as I can

away from this

painful and

unhappy life.

I look frantically

for my release,

for my mind to

analyze the



wrapped up in

my anxious


It is exhausting

and I know


but my mind

keeps flashing

the images

of all my


their words

written across

the brick wall

that surrounds

my heart.

This anxiety

eats at me


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  • Sorry wish all the talent and energy you have in writing could enter into you physically x

  • Me too! I hate the pills they give me for anxiety,(ativan) because it just wipes me out physically and emotionally, which means I lose precious time from my life.

  • Silence....... and

    take a while

    let a smile

    catch your face

    hold your grace

    Don't close the gate

    This is not fate

    But your life

    So let in light

    Beat the grey


    your way


    not told

    in a while

    in your style

    warmth will come

    and its begun

    a gentle peace

    with soft release

    let it run

    through your head

    and so its said

    we are a long way dead

    you and I

    we touch the sky

  • Very nice, My Friend! Your words are uplifting!

  • hi

    i love all the poetry on htis site

    lol jill


  • You've done it again lady! Expressed in a way only you can do. Keep the inspiration coming. If only I could do something to elevate your pain as you do mine,

  • You have alot of fans. When my wife, daughter and I were on our road trip to New Orleans this month my wife said "Isn't Jupiter Jane from Missouri?".

  • Ha,Ha! Next time your on a road trip let me know, I'll give you my # and address and you all can stop for a visit!

  • Uplifting thoughts.

  • Didn't know I had "anxiety" until my neuro asked me. I thought it was normal to be a worry wart. Thanks to my Buddhist practice I was a happier worry wart. PD forced me to face the anxiety and deal with it . i didn't like the effect of Xanax either. Made me NOT feel. Now i'm off it 2 months and I love, cry, almost like a "normal' person. :D

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