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Having a TON of energy!

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Happy holidays everyone! Quick question for anyone that would know the answer to this, does anyone ever have incredible amounts of energy every day all day? Thanks in advance!

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I think it would be safe to say... NO! But if you do, please share your secrets with us!

Lord I wish I knew!!! Boggles the mind!

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MarionP in reply to MissRita

It helps to be manic or hypomanic. Hypomanic can be a great gift.

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bassofspades in reply to MarionP

To induce hypomania, take st John's wort with ginko tea. Actually, please don't! Be safe.

I have no mental health issues.

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MissRita in reply to MarionP

I have no mental health issues.

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kevowpd in reply to MissRita

You posted this twice...

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MissRita in reply to kevowpd

Because it is two different people. First response was to Marion the second response was to bassofspades.

Is this energy something new? (and congratulations)

Not really, and when I mean energy I MEAN energy!!! I’ve read articles of PD folks having this but it’s rare.

Enjoy it while you have it!

I do , I figured it's the b1, it keeps me going and if I take b1 to late (early afternoon), It will keep me up at night until 1ish a.m..

I had a couple of bouts like that & didn’t need to take meds!Alas, that too passed….

I often do too, drives my wife crazy sometimes. It’s almost like I’m on stimulants. I do take a lot of Levo carb and a couple of primapexole per day. Better than fatigue I guess, which so far I have been spared. I’m 57 and was diagnosed in 2009.

Common and Rare Side Effects for carbidopa-levodopa oral-- If experienced, these tend to have a Severe expression i

Orthostatic Hypotension, A Form Of Low Blood Pressure

A Feeling Of Restlessness With Inability To Sit Still webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-3394...

I wish.. I get home from work in the afternoons and after my chores take a quick nap... then I try to study before I go to bed. I feel like I have ADD a lot of times because of I now have focus issues...

Sounds good to me! I manage to do everything I need to do, including walking 8 kilometres every seciond day i one hour. That was when I was under 70. Now at 87 I anly manage 5 Ks an hour but am still walking in between other health problems.

My hubby seems to have plenty of energy now after years of low motivation. It has carried on from his improvement earlier in the year. Some days a bit less but usually he now rushes around the house emptying the dishwasher, folding washing , taking out rubbish and tidying. Very nice😊. Plus 90 minute dog walk.

So glad to hear this LAJ after all the earlier problems you had to overcome with your husband. Well done.

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Buckholt in reply to LAJ12345

Sounds like an amazing improvement. With all your experience in managing his health/symptoms what are the top three things you are now sticking with?

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LAJ12345 in reply to Buckholt

Here is my update that I wrote some time ago that lists what he is on. I am really not sure what suddenly worked unfortunately so he is sticking to the lot at the moment while he is feeling good.

One thing is that when he does have an off day it is always linked to a stressful event, usually our teenage son doing something really worrying or causing a fight. And Christmas food this week has made him feel a little unwell so we are back to the normal diet now.



B1 makes me feel like that

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MissRita in reply to Dap1948

I know but oddly enough I’m not taking any supplements right now.

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KERRINGTON in reply to MissRita

By any chance are you using your new hat ?

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MissRita in reply to KERRINGTON

Here and there..not regularly.

You have to exercise every day even if tired before starting. I generally feel better after exercise even if tired before starting.

It is extremely important that you have adequate Dopamine/Dopamine agonist levels to get maximum benefit

No I don't I have a two hour spell where I'm full of energy then end up very fatigued,I wish I had your energy

B1 and c60 give me a lot of energy. Be sure to get thyroid levels checked occasionally to make sure not hyperthyroid

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KERRINGTON in reply to Fumaniron

What is c60 ?

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Shalomyy in reply to KERRINGTON

I believe it is Carbon 60 smile.amazon.com/gp/product...

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Fumaniron in reply to KERRINGTON

It is Carbon 60. First heard about it on Parkinsons Recovery podcast with Purple Power c60 in 4/30/20. Been using it since. Great for many things, including brain health

If I sleep well I have wonderful energy all day. What really makes a difference is meditation which gives me even more energy!

No. Just the opposite and I've been studying what doctors have to say about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on Youtube.com to find answers.

One doctor recommends massive doses of vitamin C:

On youtube it's "Vitamin Therapy for Mitochondrial function - Prof. Andrew Saul"

Go to the 45:00 mark.


Very interesting ty

B6 helps me. Kills your appetite. Make sure it’s between cl doses.

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MissRita in reply to 38yroldmale

Not any supplements currently.

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