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T shirt slogans for PWPD

In the interest of being "out there" and also maintaining a sense of humor, I'm trying to think of T-shirt slogans. Here are some Ideas. Please comment to add yours.

I'm like Michael J. Fox: short. ..and with Parkinson's

PWPD. Person with PD

No, I'm not drunk. I have PD.

No I'm not swatting at a fly. It's just my PD.

This cane isn't just for looks. I have Parkinson's.


Postnatal Drip

Position Description

Prune Diet

Personal Destiny

Parkinson's Disease

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Love them all . You do not need laughter therapy .


How about - front -" Whole lotta shakin' goin on", and then on the back -" Cos i have Parkinsons", or Who needs a cocktail shaker when you have Parkinsons!", or "I have Parkinsons - it doesn't have me......"

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Great additions.

Before I had to stop drinking completely (due to meds) I would joke "I'm not supposed to drink on my meds, so I only drink 5 nights a week now".

And: " now I take my martinis shaken, not stirred "

But I don't want to promote drinking, so I didn't put these on the list --but now that you have mentioned drinking...


I was thinking about the same idea:

On the front..a picture of the "King" and the saying .."I'm all shook up!"

On the back....I may have Parkinson's ....But it doesn't have me!"

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I like the earlier suggestion by one of our friends on this forum: "I have Parkinsons. What is your excuse?"


Love the all shook up....i wear a t-shirt that says " buy the looks of my Dr's hand writing he may have Parkinsons" .


All very good, better than some which are sold. How about " I l have Parkinson's, I just can't shake it off " also " Dopamine is a wonderful thing, without it you have Parkinson's"

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Good morning! liked them all. gave me a chuckle to start my day. thanks


When I decided to retire about 2 years ago, I had just been diagnosed & I thought if this is a progressive disease I don't want to spend my healthy time I have left doing a job that was becoming increasingly hard to take. Partly because of the PD & partly because of all the changes being made causing a lot of stress. I know everyone has a different story but I was very fortunate to be able to retire at 55. I would make the same choice if I had to do it all over again.


I make great martinis...shaken, not stirred.


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