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Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma update

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Update December 21

I introduced B1 to my oncologist saying it gave me 5 years of control.

He said he did not recall that in his college days.

Today, oncologist in Las Cruces , Memorial Cancer Center said the chemo therapy I received at Gerald Champion Cancer in Alamogordo was not necessary.

The Memorial Cancer Center oncologist said chemo therapy was not necessary. There was no cancer in the organs or bone marrow. Yes, the cancer is appearing as a skin rash. I will have this life long. I will monitor for any future outbreak other than the skin. Occasionally I will have bloodwork to check for cancer cell activity. The rash is controlled with medicated skin cream.

Update Nov.10: my biopsy came back positive for T-cell. My chemo was not beneficial.

My T cell lymphoma.

"PTCL is potentially curable with chemotherapy. The median progression free survival (PFS) following CHOP chemotherapy is 12 to 14 months. Approximately 20 to 30% of patients will be alive, and disease free, 5 years after the completion of treatment. "

42 Replies
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I'm so sorry to hear this Roy. I am praying for you.

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You are a fighter and I know you can beat it! Find alternative therapy, too!

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Fenbendazole. . .check it out. Search it. . .

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Fenbendazole is a drug prescribed by veterinarians to treat intestinal parasites. It kills roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, and tapeworms in pets. It is only FDA-approved in dogs, but veterinarians often prescribe Fenbendazole to cats as well.

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I tried to paste the link from a site and trials at a major US university and its success in treating cancer. HU will not permit pasting such links anymore.

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Stanford University Medical Center. Search Fenbendazole.

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RoyProp - Look up Joe Tippen. Fenbendazole is not just an anthelmintic (dewormer) and it's not just a veterinary drug.

A highly regarded member of forum nearly bled to death from advanced colon cancer. He treated himself with a herbal anthelmintic called wormwood (Artemesia) along with his proletariat protocol and recovered from the cancer. I wanted to ask him if he saw improvement in his ALS symptoms but he was not in the mood to talk and like you his focus was to find someone to hand-off his body of work to.

Roy, if you have a good quality of life with PD, then what have you got to lose by taking Panacur C?

I'm ready to start naming names. Jeff Bronstein, MD a neurologist at UCLA agreed to a visit with me under the name of his fellow Tammy Pham, MD. Dr. Bronstein is one of the expert witnesses in the first Roundup cancer trial in California. I was poisoned with Roundup and disclosed it to him. I was told by Bronstein in 2017 that my neurological syndrome could be paraneoplastic (it is). I have a hot lymph node in my right breast and a leison on my liver and just like my ALS, those (fill in the blank) are refusing to diagnose my cancer.

Stanley Appel, MD at Houston Methodist (he refused a visit with me) has been researching Treg cell therapy and ALS. Appel has a YouTube video that is very informative.

So what does this have to do with you or anyone else on this forum? Parkinson's is an Environmental Illness (EI). So is ALS and they are related varients of neurological injury from exposure to environmental toxins. Parkinson's is chronic exposure to low levels of neurotoxins and ALS is acute neurotoxic exposure with sublethal poisoning. Roundup doesn't just cause cancer. I am living proof.

Cancer is an EI and known to occur at high rates in pALS. Cancer and neurodegenerative illness use the same molecular pathways; so do viruses, bacteria, fungus and paracites. By deductive reasoning we should be able to treat them all with the same or similar compounds in combination with holistic therapy.

Anthelmintics are licensed to treat paracites but they have shown efficacy in treating cancer AND neurological illnesses. Google ALS and !vermect!n, there is a patent for this use.

Government regulatory agencies and the Pharmaceutical and Agricultural industries use the same playbook, almost verbatim. They don't want you to know that you hold the power to heal yourself and you have the right to save your own life if you want to.

There are currently about 100 cases of ALS reversals documented at ALS Untangled (and many more undocumented) by Richard Bedlack, MD at Duke University (Bedlack didn't want to talk to me either). If the most feared neurological illness in the world can be improved, then why can't Parkinson's?

My neurologist is world renowned, John Bach, MD at Rutgers told me some people recover when he diagnosed my ALS - it's important to not take away hope. Has anyone else on this forum been told by their doctor that they can recover?

Kim Cherry has recovered from his ALS. As Kim tells it, he didn't want his wife to say at his funeral that he just wouldn't try.

I'm not judging and I respect your journey. We must acknowledge that our decisions and therefore our journey are influenced by our knowledge.

I struggle with whether I should present these concepts because I could be ridiculed, but I feel a sense of responsibility to share what I know with others the same way they share with me.

Roy, I hope you take the time to fact check me before you make your final decision. Your success is important to the greater good.


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Grumpy77 in reply to SilentEchoes

First my heart goes out to you Roy, don't loose hope

"I struggle with whether I should present these concepts because I could be ridiculed, but I feel a sense of responsibility to share what I know with others the same way they share with me."

You campaign to give hope to those who the rest of the world have classified as hopeless. And you use real-life testimonies . You shouldn't be ridiculed for that. Instead those so-called experts who are stuck in the past and slow to recognize novel and innovative ideas and protocols... are the ones who deserve to be ridiculed

Stay strong silentechoes and don't be discouraged by naysayers

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SilentEchoes in reply to Grumpy77


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Despe in reply to SilentEchoes

Are you following Kim's therapy protocol? Ozone is really amazing! Our homeopathic doctor in Tennessee provides all therapy protocols Kim is following.

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SilentEchoes in reply to Despe

My point to RoyProp and the other forum members is that we should be treating PD and other ND illnesses like cancer and following the Wahls diet.

Cancer and neurological disease (injury) use the same biological pathways to cause illness from inflammation and the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. . . We really need to look at and define the spectrum of NDs differently - their relationship to each other and with cancer.

I want to do hyperbaric oxygen but there isn't anything within a 4-5 hour drive. It's very hard to get a vein even for blood draws and IVs require ultrasound and multiple try's, it's pretty stressful so I avoid it if possible. I have looked into rectal insufflation ozone therapy and can DIY it 😏

I live in a medical wasteland and neurodegenerative hot spot from ag chemicals. Ppl here are very resistant to challenges to medical dogma, it threatens their way of life.

If we are to heal, we will have to do it ourself.

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Despe in reply to SilentEchoes

Well said, SE! Nature heals!

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Isthistheone in reply to SilentEchoes

I won't argue, debate is a better word with any of your beliefs, except for the notion of being ridiculed. We all play the cards we are dealt. Please if you have knowledge that you feel would help fill in the gaps please disclose it. I'm convinced we are on the verge of beating ALS, LBD, PD, MS etc. I also believe the discovered cure(s) at least one, will be entirely by accident!! Everyone here, mostly is battling as hard as they know how. We've never stopped leaning on each other for support. Words and opinions sometimes rub the wrong way. Roy you're a fighter. I pray for your recovery.

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So sorry Roy. Keep fighting! 🙂🥊

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Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery using alternate therapies.

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Hello Roy. So sorry to hear about the health challenge you are having. Here is the link to Joe Tippens private Facebook group should you want to learn more about what he took.

My husband has been on Fenbendazole for 2 years- 2.5 ml mon-Fri once a day. He had bladder CA but he is now NED. He also takes milk thistle to help detox the liver and has a liver function test every 6 months. He underwent immunotherapy for 20 sessions that lasted 1.5 years.

Google fenbendazole and anti tumor effect. There are many articles on pubmed and hindawi.

For some reason I cannot paste the links here.

Here is some food to boost your spirit as well

Keep looking up Roy. Your strength and healing will be from God alone.

Wishing you all the best.

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Millbrook in reply to Millbrook

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SilentEchoes in reply to Millbrook

Thank you for your testimony! Has your husband seen improvement in his PD on the fenbendazole protocol?


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Millbrook in reply to SilentEchoes

My husband was taking it for anti cancer effect not for PD. He was taking 225 mg ( 1/2 tsp) Fenbendazole 3 days on rest 4 days. He usually took it fri, sat, sun. When the protocol was revised to everyday July 2020, he started taking it mon- Fri. There are other people on the Joe Tippens private Facebook who share their experiences.

I did not notice any improvement in his PD. In fact April this year balance was worse, slowness of movements,

slow driving. But when he started psychobiotics PS 128 and the coronet duo everything became normalised.

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My husband is 16 years past his "expiration date" from T cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. He was diagnosed well into stage three. Chemo alone didn't work but coupled with Rituxin worked wonders.I wish you the best for successful treatment.

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So sorry tohear your news Roy. You were the first here to mention B1 and I'am very grateful every day. Thank you. 🙏🙏

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Thinking of you Roy and it was because of you my husband is doing well on B1. Whichever route you follow I wish you all the best.

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Dieu vous benisse

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Sending prayers and hope for another treatment, Roy.

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God bless you Roy 🙏🙏🙏 prayers and Blessings to you.

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I am so sorry you have been dealt this blow. You have proven that researching new treatments and fighting hard works, so please continue to be strong and positive. You’ve got loads of supporters and friends here Roy.

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Hang in Roy or should I call you Mr. are a tough guy, keep fighting and searching. We are all here for you, from around the 🌍.

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Roy, I’m sorry. You have improved my qol since I started Thiamine HCL and I am so grateful. I send you healing energy and prayers.

I’ve been living with breast cancer for almost 37 years, much longer than my PD diagnosis, with two recurrences, the most recent this year. I’m a worrier and a planner, so I guess that the Universe knew that I needed to let go and just be present for whatever each moment reveals.

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Don't give up

You are a fighter

Our prayers are with you

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I hope all goes well with your treatment. I wish for health and wellness in your future.

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You will beat this. I'm sure. Wishing you the best.

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Wishing you all the best. You WILL beat this

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Roy, hope you will be able to recover and beat the statistics. Have you looked into medicinal mushrooms, like turkey tail, cordyceps, reishi, chaga, etc. ? They have immune boosting properties and have been used in Asian countries for millennia. May you be granted full recovery from this affliction and be a victorious testimony to others. Keep hope!

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I'm very sorry to hear of this, and trust you are able to recover fully.

I recall there's a reputable LDN supplier in the U.K. called Dickson Chemist who prescribes LDN for Parkinson's, etc. In the past, they had sent me a brochure that mentioned LDN is also used for lymphoma and other cancers, for which LDN is dosed in a certain way. In case you are interested in looking into it:

- 3 days on, 3 days off LDN continuously seems to be the most appropriate cancer dosing. The 3 days off should be directly before chemotherapy.

- Intermittent Dosing with LDN causes increased cell death and increases cell sensitivity to chemotherapy agents. Tumour cells pre-treated with intermittent LDN dosing are far more likely to be killed by chemotherapy drugs.

All the best,


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Roy, my prayers are with you!!! Wish you a speedy recovery!!!

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Roy, ti auguro di sconfiggere la malattia e prego per te!

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Sending hope and positively 🙏

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Praying for you Roy🙏

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Will be praying for your recovery. You’re doing great work here, may you be granted more time to continue.

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Not sure if this applies to you or not. It doesn't specifically mention T-cel Lymphoma, but this seems like a general approach for all "hard to treat" cancers. Just something I saw while researching fasting. I'll look around for more about

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Thinking of you and sending positive and healing thoughts your way. ❤️

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