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Hi to you all and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relations of my wife in Italy sent me a newspaper article on a device for the feet. GONDOLA FOOT STIMULATION .It apparently has had rave reviews in Italy by the Medical Profession as a benefit for PD..i will be looking into it as it can show improvement in just a week and can be used in the home. I will report back later. The newspaper report was about 6 weeks ago. Do any members know anything about it or even tried it out.

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I will be very interested to hear more about this. My feet are a real problem.


Hi, shall1019 ,more imfortmation found a website. and go to f.a.f

let me know what you think !


I googled this and found a lot of information. However, it appears that this is only available from recognised centres initially and I was unable to find any in the UK. Perhaps you will have more luck as it does appear interesting.


Yes, we are all interested in this new device . Especially that it is not a new drug that we have to wait for 5 -10 years to use. Thanks for this info.


On one of their web .pages, find. the nearest centre. .There .is a form that takes contact details.( I left mine). In the UK .the company is looking for centres and therapists to set up ,

I will keep you all posted


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