Kind of new at doing this but think if I don't do something I'llmake myself crazy. Sure I talk to friends and family but it's not like talking to someone with simular situations. Since I found this site I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and experiences. Maybe you could help me with a major crazy Not being nosey but how do you afford PD!!! The longer i have it the poorer i'm getting. there's got to be ssomething funny in all this craziness.

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  • Welcome to chronic progressive disease... not the formula for wealth acquisition. It would be interesting to see data on how many people lose their resources and at what percentage relative to socio-economic status at onset. Nothing funny here.

  • What you've never had you never miss.

  • Hi I am very lucky to live in England

    And don't have to pay for any medication. .it must be a nightmare for you

  • i too dnt have to pay a centimes as i live in france where chronic illness is free !!!

  • Boy...people here in the U.S. are adamently against any kind of socialized medicine. Can't help but feel that it's more about money than helping people. Taking drugs for PD and high blood pressure takes a huge chunk of my income. Sounds like you folks in France and the UK have it a lot better.

  • I agree. I think it's crazy. I see too many people including my family members who go without medical treatment because of the cost. The cost down the road will be astronomic.

  • Hi Peaches,

    Yes I suppose in meds payments we are lucky we only have to pay a small amount for certain items and if you are the right age all payments are waivered. But it is a mine field of a Social Security System to complex to relate to. But when something like this happens we are so glad it is here for us!

  • I agree - I have one med that cost me over $1000.00 / found a discount for around 500.00. Applied for Medicaid and was accepted but it's 'Share the Cost' so I still have to meet a deductible.

  • I'm fortunate . I have a good medical plan from my retirement plan. My generic meds are $10 a pop, and my copay at the docs is $20. I just had to buy a new walker and my daughter found a good one on Amazon for $73. I'm in a great exercise class for PD and classes are $5-10 each. And the socializing is priceless! I'm in NYC and have great public transportation. But I really feel for the YOpd -- if they have to go on disability, it's hard to make ends meet. I have to pay for some help. But I try to do most things on my own still. 72 and still independent.

  • I'm 59 and went on early retirement disability 2 years ago when I was approved for Social Security. Between Medicare and group carve out my deductible and co-insurance is $2,500 after Medicare's 80%. My meds are $10-$20 copay. Good coverage but the premium is high. My side just turned 59 and she has separate coverage on the group since she's healthy and is too young for Medicare. We are taking care of my wife's 87 year old father who has Alzheimer's and her 90 year old mother. We pay utility and food. No rent payment since house is paid off. I'm still independent thanks to DBS. It would be very difficult if a house payment was needed. Expenses do add up. I also have a long term care policy when things start progressing.

  • Thanks guys you made me feel better even though eventually I'll be in debt up to my eyeballs. I'm 57 and no longer can work, trying for ss disability is just as bad. As they say "It could be worse."

  • Hunnypot,

    Hope you doing ok! I am similar age and am going back to work full-time to save for the care my hubby may need if and when his PD gets worse. I semi-retired to have care of our grand-daughter just doing part-time as I was to get my pension at 60 but with the new rules I will be 68 ,,, so our meagre savings will not stretch,,, hence trying to get more work to save,,,,,, and plug the large hole we now have in our funds. Life is a rich taperstry they say, I just wish some one would stitch this big hole together for us.

    Yes as you say "things could be worse" good luck.

  • I have to pay for my meds.....Ropinirole (Requip XL) and each month it costs me £7.60 in prescription charges!!!! I was told Parkinsons doesnt qualify for free prescriptions, Im not on any benefits at all and only money I have coming in is my measly weekly wage (Care Work doesnt pay too well)....I dont qualify for Disability Living Allowance cos I was told Im not disabled enough!!!!..... add on all my other debts and life aint too sweet!!......BUT I keep smiling and keep positive that there is light at the end of the tunnel....albeit an extremely long tunnel.....Ohhhh if only I could hit the lottery jackpot lol

    Anyway take care and yes things could be worse and there are people out there worse off than me


  • This is an old thread I came across but this being an election year in the US it really caught my interest. With the changes made these last few years with the "Affordable Care Act" (alias Obamacare) my husband and I have been able to handle our many prescriptions and doctor visits without going bankrupt. It scares the daylights out of me to think it could go away if it is repeeled. Reading from you folks about the PD care in the UK and other countries made me think the US has an awful lot it could learn from the rest of the world.

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