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TA-65 Supplements


After watching a fascinating interview with Dr. Michael Fossell regarding telemerase therapy, I learned about a supplement called "TA-65" which allegedly lengthens telomeres and therefore allegedly combats aging and related cell degeneration. Are any of you familiar with TA-65 and/or telemerase therapy. Here's a link, which specifically mentions Parkinson's Disease, among others. I don't think Dr. Fossell has anything to do with TA-65, but this whole subject (telomere lengthening) is very intriguing. Fossell flat out says he can cure Alzheimers and Parkinsons, which sounds completely crazy until you examine his academic credentials.



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Jim, sounds like a video I saw about a year ago. Is that the guy who is being interviewed who was saying essentially that it/he would revolutionize healthcare and cut its costs by 90%? When I checked on buying the stuff, the stuff that looked authentic was $600 per bottle. Is that what you see? I don't know a lot about it, but I think there probably is something to it. His explanations hung together and make sense.

Nice to meet you the other day. I enjoyed our chat.


PS. I just opened the link and see they have more attractive packaging this year, but the price is about the same.

jimcaster in reply to MBAnderson

Yes, Dr. Fossell was the last person interviewed in the Regain Your Brain series. I hope his human trials with vaccines start soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to investigate these supplements further, even though they are expensive. The supplements appear to be aimed at the same goal as Dr. Fossell's therapy. This will either be the greatest advancement in health in decades--or completely crazy.

It was great meeting you, too, Marc.


MBAnderson in reply to jimcaster

Keep us posted.

Jim I just did a bit of research and this TA-65 is an extract of Astragalus. Rather than pay a fortune in a refined product I think I'd prefer to add the raw dry powder to my smoothie. Thanks for your report as I had no idea that astragalus had this potential to extend telemores.

jimcaster in reply to Getz

Thanks for doing the research and sharing the information. This whole line of research is fascinating.

I find the language used in this link is a bit like pigeon English. It reminds me of the Nigerian money scams. When you read it carefully it does not sound very professional. I would be wary.

Academic credentials do not guarantee any claim to cure Pd or Alzheimer's because there is no cure for either.

You can reverse the symptoms of Pd, as I have, and that was with not academic credentials at all!

I put my money where my mouth is! If you are a Pd patient and you really want to reverse your symptoms then look at my 'profile' and/or look at my website and contact me. I will send you, free of charge,everything you need to know about how to do what I have been able to do. They don't teach it in university!

Sorry Jim, it sounds like total quackery. I fear they’re just after your money. Try searching ‘tasciences scam’ and see what floats into view...

jimcaster in reply to 2bats

Thanks for the heads up. I won't be buying TA-65, but I'll continue to follow Dr. Fossel with interest.

Thanks for the excellent explanation. I hope the clinical trial process is expedited. Dr. Fossel sure seems confident and is obviously brilliant.

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