Hi Everybody

Hi everybody :-)

sorry Ive not blogged for a while, been busy working and enjoying my job. I was working Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. My employers are understanding and work my shifts out so that I can still see my 3 kids on a Saturday (or Sunday) Some of the elderly clients we care for have PD.....interesting when they notice my hand tremor.....but I only tell them I have PD if they ask.

BTW I went to see my Neurosurgeon on the 3rd Jan....pleased to report no change :-)

Anywaybtake care everyone

Love and Hugs

Andy xx

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  • hi andy

    gOOd mnews re ur job and the neuro report

    keep smiling

    and lvoe



  • Happy Holidays and good to see you!


    (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Hello Steve,

    I'm Jon Roberts and live in Mesquite, NM just 12 miles south of Las Cruces. I had DBS in Albuquerque and it has helped my quality of life. Since we both live not to far away in the desert, maybe we can get to know each other.


    Jon Roberts



  • Thanks Steve :-)

  • Hi Andy

    Wow you have been busy remember to take off good care of yourself. I am sure the clients you care for benefit from your empathy and understanding of what it's like to live with a disease. Pleased to hear no changes in your medication /treatment etc. We

    Went away for Christmas but Pete not good, and he found it hard-to cope with the change in environment plus all family around including the dog Amos who is lovely butt tends to eat anything including bins. But we did enjoy

    Joy all being together. He is now recovered and back to normal, think he had bug a d with PD to contend with it takes more of a toll then with someone in good health. Happy New Healthy Year to you and yours xxx9

  • Thanks I will remember to take care of myself and try not to work too hard :-)

    Give Pete my best wishes


    Andy xx

  • Good you are back and your job is doing so well!! Lucky you have an "understanding" employer. Good news from the dr. Too. No changes. That is always good!,

    I look forward to more of your blogs.

  • Thanks Sadie :-)

  • Hi Andy,

    We are new to this site my hubby only got dx in December but your words are very encouraging, thanks, good that no change has occurred for you,, /brilliant!!!!

  • Hiya :-)

    Welcome to our community.....you got plenty of supportive friends on here thats for sure :-)

    what symptoms has your husband got?

    Take care

    Andy xxn

  • Hi Andy, we are new to this and do not really know what is classed as symptons. We feel like we are treading treacl!! He has been diagnosed on the strength of the shuffle in the walk, the expression (sort of droop in the face) and stiff shoulder / neck left hand side and a tremor again in the left arm, which started just as the thumb nearly 3 years ago and has just travelled. The shoulder he thought was just frozen from the type of work ( he is a gardener and the digging etc,) He has fallen out of bed for no reason we can find but did not tell the Doc. We have only had a 15 consultation with neoro guy and he did a couple of things with his hands and feet movements. We were then given a script for meds and a slip for another appointment in Feb. That is it! No leaflets, advise or nothing. At what stage are you and what are these stages?? What are we to look for??? I am so unsure of what is natural and what is not I am fizzling out. Sorry to bang on but this is a rocky road by all accounts. So glad I found you guy's to help. Any advise however small is better than what we have now.

  • Hiya :-)

    I'm in early stages. I just have a tremor in my right hand which started as a thumb twitch in march 2011. I've been told it could remain unchanged for 10yrs or so. In the later stages the tremors could spread to other parts of my body, trouble walking, talking etc etc but it affects people differently some can progress faster than others. Get as much information as you possibly can on PD speak to your Neurosurgeon or PD specialist nurse they will give you all the information you need. My diagnosis was confirmed after having a DaTScan with results 98% accurate. The worst part is the not being sure if its PD or not. Once you know for sure you can face it with positivity. I felt sorry for myself for about 2hours after diagnosis then just decided to face it head on with PMA....Positive Mental Attitude laughter is the best medicine.......ok well 8mg of Ropinirole a day helps too!! Lol

    What I'm trying to say is try not to worry too much, life does go on after diagnosis lus you've got the support of some great people on this awesome site! It truly is a wonderful community!

    Any further questions or worries don't hesitate to ask any of us on here

    Take care

    Andy xx

  • Thanks Andy,

    Sounds like you and hubby started the same way,,, but my hubby chose to do nothing about it for more than 2 yrs making 3 yrs at least of having it, Whether that will make a difference who can say!!!!! I was fine and coping until I started to tell people ,, who I might add are a lot older than us ( 80's) and they all say a similar thing " Ooooh, sorry ,, you are going to have your work cut out with that",,, but not actually saying what THAT!! really is. I was or am planning to go back to work full-time as our finances like others have become stretched ,, but these oldies are say it may be best not to??? We seem to have a lot of things to think about at the moment!!

    I am researching on the net and that is how I found this site but it would be helpful if anyone reading this could say how this thing has taken over them!! I know it is a personal thing to ask but this treacle we are treading is sticking to our feet!! lol.!!

    Thanks Andy for all the info

    Take care




  • Thanks Sha :-) xx

  • Good to hear all is well.

    Hugs, Terri

  • Hugs back at ya Terri :-) xx

  • Happy New Year Andy and all-- :D

  • Thanks Pat :-) xx

  • Hi, I'm Chris, wife of Joe who just recently was diagnosed with PD. I am interested in learning more about the surgery. He is 50 years old with no family history of the disease in his family and this just knocked him down. When can he check into the surgical option?


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