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My mum had parkinsons, how do I convince my doctor that I need a test

My poor mum had parkinsons, I have had restless leg syndrome for a long time but it has got worse, I went to the gp and he has given me mirapexin which is also for parkinson sufferers, I asked him for a test for parkinsons and he said there isnt one and whats the point of having it.

I believe that if I carry the parkinsons gene and am stated on the proper meds early it would slow it down.

What do you think?

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I think there are so many other things you can do without meds that can slow it down that you might want to look to those. I know that regular exercise makes a HUGE difference! My mother has Parkinson's as well and early on, she exercised regularly and it made a big difference for her.

She had a fall in May and broke her neck so she has not been as active while it has been healing. Her symptoms have worsened.

I really think that exercise is something that would help slow things down.


Thank you msfelchy, I am pleased to say that I already do aqua once a week and a circuit training class and I will keep these up. Happy new year,I hope everything gets better for your mum.


Your consultant is right, there is no definitive test for Parkinson's, although a DAT scan is used to show reduction in dopamine metablolism in the relevant parts of the brain and this is used to add information when clinical signs are atypical.

Certainly, with only one person in your family affected by Parkinson's, it is unlikely to be directly genetic. However, it would be a good idea to avoid those environmental factors which have been linked to increasing the likeelihood of Parkinson's such as pesticides. I am sure you can find a whole list somewhere.

I wholeheartedly agree with the observation that to get fit and eat a balanced diet are essential elements in resisting the progress of Parkinson's and would stand you in good stead whether you develop it or not. What have you got to lose? However, there are no therapies which have been proven to completely prevent cell loss or dysfunction in Parkinson's and those drugs which are thought to have some protective action are not without the potential for significant side effects.

I don't know how much of your time is spent worrying about your chances of developing Parkinson's but it might be a good idea to ask to speak to somebody who can help you explore your worries and help you put things into context. Your GP should be able to refer you on for that if the worry is causing you to worry a lot.

Best wishes,



Thank you Sue unfortunately my mum was in childrens homes and foster homes all her life so she never knew her family medical history. I dont worry about having parkinsons i just find this restless leg thing so horrible and I can remember how bad it was for my mum, it drove her mad. Mum had allotments she also worked as a fruit picker in the orchards for years, we went with her as children. I have always blamed the fruit picking and the allotments for her parkinsons because of the pesticides.

Im 60 this year, I dont drink or smoke so I think I might starting to drink smoke and rock and roll lol . happy new year and thank you


Hi bcb

As the others have said there is no way of proving you have Parkinsons in the early stages. We all hope there will be before too long but meantime diagnosis is based on a collection of symptoms and sometimes but not always confirmed with a DAT scan.

As to whether you carry the gene, well there are lots of genes which can become defective and can cause Parkinsons but the research is very early days, there is still much to be discovered. Also having one of these defective genes doesnt mean you will get Parkinsons.

Lastly no meds have been proven to slow Parkinsons, the only thing that has been proven is exercise! I think all the others have given you good advice, just left to wish you well -oh and say smokers are less likely to get PD!


Hi thank you, I've decided I'm going to do more exercise and start smoking lol. If I had known the latter I would never have given up smoking 12yrs ago.

Happy new year


Sometimes doctors prescribe the drug gabapentin (Neurotin - a anti seizure medication) for RLS and it causes a depletion of the carnitine in your body. The deficiency can be remedied by taking acetyl L carnitine/lipoic acid and it can be purchased at Wallmart for 9 dollars. (Just in case it gabapentin is prescribed.)

Secondly RLS is associated with magnesium deficiency and taking a supplement of (liquid) magnesium/calcium/zinc might help you. Magnesium is a natural anti convalescent and it is good for people with RLS, RD, ALS, MS.....

Finally do you start shaking if you take large doses of Aleve (sodium naproxen)? It has been shown to induce Parkinson's symptoms with patients who have (controlled) PD:

Take Ibuprofen instead:

Plus if you are concerned with Parkinson's drink black tea (6 cups a week):


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